4 Heart Rate Monitor Apps For Your Apple Watch

Apple Watches have a heart rate sensor, and there’s a heart rate monitor built in. But there are also heart rate monitor apps from other developers, and we’ll take a look at four of them.

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Screenshots of HeartWatch in our list of heart rate monitor apps.

HeartWatch lets you see your heart beating in four views: Waking, Regular, Workout, and Sleeping. This gives you better insight into your heart and may make it easier for your doctor. Heart Badges is another feature, and it lets you quickly see how your heart is doing for different types of events. App Store: HeartWatch – US$2.99


Screenshots of Cardiogram in our list of heart rate monitor apps.

Cardiogram shows you a graph of your heart rate in real time. You can get detailed historical trends with a Timeline, Metrics, Me, and Habits tabs. Plus there’s a daily leaderboard to compete steps and activity levels with your friends. It’s compatible with the iPhone’s step tracker so you don’t even need an Apple Watch. App Store: Cardiogram – Free.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Screenshots of Runtastic in our list of heart rate monitor apps.

Runtastic Heart Rate shows you how fast (or slow) your heart is beating at any given moment, no extra devices needed. Your iPhone will do the job.┬áMeasure your heart rate with your iPhone camera, see graphs that illustrate your measurements, and get different measuring types: resting HR, pre- & post-workout HR, maximum HR. App Store: Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor – Free

Heart Analyzer

Screenshots of Heart Analyzer in our list of heart rate monitor apps.

Heart Analyzer shows you your heart rate data measured by Apple Watch in an understandable form. View daily or workout heart rate graphs, see personal statistics, Deep Analytics and save automatically calculated sleep times. It works with the Watch’s built in heart app to give you statistics on your iPhone. App Store: Heart Analyzer – Free. Alternatively, you can also measure heart rate and see heart recovery rate on iPhone.

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