Here’s How to Add Precise 911 Location Data to Your iPhone in iOS 11

RapidSOS Beacon app for iPhone

iOS 12 is adding precise location data for 911 calls made from iPhones, which will be great for emergency situations. You can get that same precision in iOS 11 thanks to a free app from RapidSOS. Read on to learn how.

Your iPhone can already provide precise location information, but that doesn’t mean police and fire services get that data when you call 911. That’s changing in iOS 12 thanks to Apple’s partnership with RapidSOS.

[iOS 12 to Give First Responders Precise Location Data for 911 Calls]

If you want to take advantage of that feature now you need to install the RapidSOS Beacon app. It’s a free download at Apple’s App Store. Here’s what to do:

  • Download RapidSOS Beacon
  • Launch the app and tap Let’s Get Started
  • The app wants permission to send you notifications. Allow or not; it’s a personal choice.
  • Grant permission for the app to access your location
  • Enter your iPhone phone number, then tap Continue
  • Enter confirmation code you receive via SMS, then tap Confirm
RapidSOS Beacon app for iPhone
Use the RapidSOS Beacon app to give first responders better location information

Now you’re set. If you need to dial 911, RapidSOS will send more precise information about exactly where you are to the first responders.

There is, however, a catch: The emergency service you contact must participate in an enhanced location data program. If they don’t, the location information RapidSOS provides won’t be available.

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