macOS: Use Time Machine to Recover Lost Email

You can use Time Machine to travel into the past to recover deleted documents in Finder. But you can use it in other apps too, like Mail. Here’s how to use Time Machine to recover lost email.

Time Machine

Time Machine is the built-in backup solution in macOS. Once you set it up, it automatically backs up your computer to an external hard drive, a macOS Server on your network, or one of Apple’s AirPort Extreme base stations. Then, you can use the backup to recover files.

Recover lost email with Time Machine. Image of the interface.
The Time Machine interface to recover lost email

You can use Time Machine in Mail just like you would in Finder:

  1. Connect your Time Machine hard drive.
  2. Open Mail.
  3. In the menu bar, click the Time Machine icon.
  4. Click Enter Time Machine.

The interface is the same as Finder. You can go back in time as far as your backups go to retrieve lost mail. Once you’ve clicked on the specific time you want, just click the Restore button to recover lost email.

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