Apple Releases iOS 4 for iPhone, iPod touch

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Apple released iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod touch on Monday. The major OS upgrade includes several new features such as third-party multi-tasking support and Bluetooth keyboard support.

iOS 4 also includes features such as the ability to group apps in folders, Home screen wallpapers, a unified in box in Mobile Mail, and more. More iOS 4 feature highlights are available at TMO, too.

For tips on preparing for the upgrade, check out TMO’s iOS 4 Upgrade Guide, and our Quick Tip on checking to see when the upgrade is available.

Installing the OS upgrade requires an Internet connection and iTunes 9.2, and isn’t compatible with the original iPhone. The upgrade is available as a free download.

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Gentlemen, start your downloads…


Now we’ll see if THEIR servers can handle the deluge. Hopefully, they’re more powerful than AT&Ts;! (hint, maybe the NC data center is ready for business?)


Looks like Apple has gone way too smart and only letting few iTunes client connections see the upgrade as being available. I have been trying to check from 10am PDT this morning and i still am not prompted for an upgrade. :(

iPhone 3G


Had no trouble at 5pm CDT.


Downloaded @ 3am EST here in Australia (10am PST (?))


Update completing now on a 3G. At 2 hours, 8 minutes, I’m praying this works!


My next comment is “Apple, remind me again why you ditched FireWire for USB?”

This is mind-numbing!!!!!!


At 2 hours, 8 minutes

You’re not downloading via ADSL (or similar) ?
The actual download took me about 50 minutes, don’t remember the actual install time, but it wasn’t that long…

Just remember to re-sync after the iOS 4 installs.


No, I have cable internet. The download wasn’t the slow part. The install was. 4 gigs of songs and photos took a while on a 3G. Total time took 2 hours 41 minutes!


Total time took 2 hours 41 minutes!

Can I ask why you needed to reload the 3G ?

I didn’t need to reload my iPod touch 3gen

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