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Apple/Google Alliance Growing Stronger

Apple/Google Alliance Growing Stronger

by , 2:25 PM EDT, August 8th, 2007

The big event on Tuesday was the new iMacs. However, a sub theme was also evident, and that was the Apple and Google relationship as evidenced by the Apple software announced, according to

"iMovie '08 adds the ability to upload video direct to YouTube, and iWeb (Apple’s web page creation software) now integrates with Google Maps and YouTube, along with support for Adsense," Steve O'Hear wrote. "Combine these efforts with the existing iPhone tie-ins — Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail — along with AppleTV’s recently added support for YouTube, and we can see how the Apple/Google alliance is strengthening."

Mr. O'Hear thinks there is lots more to come.

During Tuesday's presentation, Steve Jobs was asked about Apple's partnership with Google, particularly in relationship to Adsense. "We are working closer with Google, they offer back end services we want to tie into our offerings," replied Mr. Jobs. "Google likes our products, too."

Futire possibilities include iWork integration with Google Docs. Or Google Docs support on the iPhone.

Apple has boiled many frogs in recent years by slowly and deliberately combining pieces of technology until the whole is more than the sum of the parts and eventually takes the competition by surprise. However, they've typically done that within their own technology base. This gradually developing working relationship with Google could lead to a much larger kettle and a much larger fire.


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