Tim Cook tweeted a Memorial Day photograph of a Remembrance Table in honor of American service men and women, and it’s super awesome. What some have noticed, however, is a device being used at a nearby table with neither a notch nor space for a Home button. What in the world could that be?

[Update: Our own Andrew Orr thinks it’s a silver iPhone with a black case, as does an unrelated Andrew in the comments. To me, it looked like that gray bar is on the screen—some kind of UI element. On balance, however, it is most likely a silver or white iPhone with a black bumper.]

Tim Cook and Apple Honor Veterans on Memorial Day

Here’s Tim’s tweet:

I love that Apple did this. In an age where Memorial Day has been increasingly seen more as a day off and retail sale opportunity, the holiday is supposed to be about remembering the men and women who have died protecting American ideals.

Then There’s that Device

But let’s zoom in on that device. Here’s the image trimmed, without resizing it.

Tim Cook Memorial Day Photograph Closeup

Tim Cook Memorial Day Photograph Closeup

I’ve been blowing it up and zooming in, and two things are clear: there’s no Notch and there’s no place for a Home Button. That makes it neither an iPhone X nor an iPhone 8/Plus (or other iPhone or iPad.

It could be an Android device. Apple people should be testing competitor devices, but I don’t recognize it. It could also be a device Apple is testing, say a next-gen iPhone. Jeff Gamet thinks it’s the fellow’s hair obscuring the bottom part of the device. (It’s not.)

I’m not trying to make mountains out of molehills here, it’s just super interesting to me. There’s no room for a Home button or a Notch, but it looks a lot like an iPhone. And it’s in Tim Cook’s own photo.

This has been bandied about on Twitter all day, and although the original tweet noting the lack of notch has been removed, Tim Cook’s own tweet remains. That, to me, says it’s not some SUPAR SEKRET Apple device in the pic, but who knows? It is, at least, fun.

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I think it is a miniaturized Speak ‘N’ Spell. My kids had one back in the late ‘70s.


That’s something different the top “bar” is to skinny to be an iPhone 4-8 or X. Your on to something. Also, Apple likes to screw with peoples minds and put clues. This might hint a very rare new iPhone at WWDC or this fall.

After zooming into the enlargement, I have to agree that the phone is NOT a white iPhone. These are some things to notice: 👉 The top bar is a light grey, not white. There is no iPhone with bezels that color. 👉 The top bar appears to be on-screen, since the viewable right-hand side curves down to form a rounded edge (iPhones and other smartphones have bezels with a straight edge). 👉 The dark line in the light grey area does not seem to be a speaker hole, but instead it looks like text, since it is off-center. 👉 The… Read more »


That’s a current model white iPhone with a black case. Zoom in closer. Easy to spot. Good clickbait, though. Got me clicking and even starting an account to comment. Nice job 😂


I saw the original tweet, looked at the picture, zoomed in a bit, and it was, obviously, exactly what you said. You can see the different whites from the screen to the frame, the top speaker, and the bottom bezel. Talk about rumor silly season.


Reasonable. I should say it seemed obvious to me. 🙂 However, it would be sensational for a tweet from the CEO to have revealed some heretofore unknown product. That’s actually one reason I think it’s notbing special.


Bryan, it wasn’t an unrelated Andrew who pointed it out, it was me, Joe. Andrew simply agreed with me 🙂