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The Idiots Final Column...Really, This Time - October 27th - 2008

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November 2001

Microsoft, Dumping, & Education - November 29th - 2001
The Idiots Caught Playing With A New Stick? - November 20th - 2001

October 2001

An Idiot's Look Beyond The iPod - October 30th - 2001
OS X: All Up In The Hizzouse -- Finally - October 8th - 2001

September 2001

A Reminder Of What Is Truly Important - September 19th - 2001
Are You A Gamer Or A God? - September 5th - 2001

August 2001

I Shall Call You...Mini-Mouse - August 23rd - 2001
The Idiots Find Their Way Home From MACWORLD - August 8th - 2001

July 2001

An Idiot Becomes Totally Hip - July 24th - 2001
Idiots Blasted By Reader Mail, But Still Snag MacWorld Tipoff. - July 3rd - 2001

June 2001

The Idiots Find Mac Web Sites On Their Palms - June 19th - 2001
New Polish On The Old Apple - June 5th - 2001

May 2001

The Apple Stores: At Least 25 More Places to Waste Time - May 22nd - 2001
There's A Chat Feature On, Idiots! - May 8th - 2001

April 2001

An Idiots Favorite Tool - April 25th - 2001
Talk About a Waste of Time: Installing OS X on a Beige G3 - April 11th - 2001

March 2001

Like A DV Bridge Over Troubled Water - March 27th - 2001
The Latest Weapon In The Digital Video Revolution - March 13th - 2001

February 2001

Thrustmaster Woes - February 27th - 2001
Add Cool Fins (& Work Space) To Your PowerMac Tower - February 13th - 2001

January 2001

QTVR Tools (VR Worx 2.0) Even An Idiot Can Use - January 30th - 2001
The Mouse That Scored - January 16th - 2001
The Baby New Year Ushers In A New Year Of Gaming - January 2nd - 2001

December 2000

The Idiots Get Stumped By Plug & Play - December 19th - 2000
Idiot's Quest: The Search for the Holy USB Steering Wheel - December 5th - 2000

November 2000

More Fun With Your Palm, er, PDA - November 21st - 2000
What Steve Jobs Did Wrong, Part 2 - November 7th - 2000

October 2000

What Steve Jobs Did Wrong - October 24th - 2000
Lazy Idiots & Apartment Hunter - October 10th - 2000
The Sims Reviewed: It's Completely Unlike Sea Monkeys - October 3rd - 2000

September 2000

Is OS X Beta Than OS 9? - September 26th - 2000
A Century Of Idiots: The Idiots' 100th Column! - September 19th - 2000
Idiots & 4x4 Evolution: Airbags Required - September 12th - 2000
The Idiots Get Their Hands On Deus Ex, You Should Too - September 5th - 2000

August 2000

This Week's Turgid Episode: Stowaway! - August 29th - 2000
Idiots & The Vice President - August 22nd - 2000
Whatever You Do, Don't Click This Link! - August 15th - 2000
The Kind Of Deal Even An Idiot Can Deal With - August 8th - 2000
The Idiots Get Their Mitts On Baldur's Gate
- August 1st - 2000

July 2000

Idiots Survive MacWorld Expo, New York City Doesn't Fair as Well. - July 25th - 2000
The Idiots Somehow Get Back into MACWORLD
- July 11th - 2000
No Topic This Week, We're Bored
- July 5th - 2000

June 2000

Position Available: Rock Star, Applications Now Being Accepted - June 27th - 2000
Bungie: See Ya, Wouldn't Want To Be Ya
- June 21st - 2000
Heroes Of The Mac Gaming World
- June 13th - 2000
Now, For Something Completely Different In Your Palm
- June 6th - 2000

May 2000

Sound Advice for Gamers - May 30th - 2000
Last Week's Column: We Myst By A Long Shot
- May 23rd - 2000
New Myst Games May Make Your Pants Explode
- May 16th - 2000
The Idiots Play with Electricity & Review Unreal Tournament
- May 9th - 2000
Apple's Homepage iTools Makes Web Sites In Seconds
- May 2nd - 2000

April 2000

The Whole Meta-Mess & Other Viewer Mail - April 25th - 2000
Great iMac Accessories, & Accessory To Crime
- April 18th - 2000
MetaCreations: Everything Must Go!
- April 11th - 2000
iMovie: So Easy Even A Girl Can Use It
- April 4th - 2000

March 2000

Livin' In A Gamer's Paradise - March 28th - 2000
Video Phone over the Internet. Even an Idiot can figure it out!
- March 21st - 2000
On-Line Game Shows? They're Not Just for TV Anymore. And That's Our Final Answer.
- March 15th - 2000
The Idiots Try To Use The Force. Millions Are Killed.
- March 7th - 2000

February 2000

How QuickTime Saved The Idiots - February 29th - 2000
VGS Rides Again! Looks Like Sony Will Have To Take Our Money After All
- February 22nd - 2000
It's A 3D-licious World Wide Web
- February 15th - 2000
Smoking New Video Cards Coming To A Mac Near You
- February 8th - 2000
The Idiots Hang With The Funky New Mouse On The Block
- February 1st - 2000

January 2000

Are The Idiots In Love With Ferazel's Wand? January 25th - 2000
The Idiots finally exchange Christmas Presents
January 18th - 2000
Sleepless In San Francisco: It Tastes Like Chicken!
January 11th - 2000
The Idiots Loose and Unsupervised at MacWorld San Francisco 2000!
January 4th - 2000

December 1999

The Idiots' New Year's Resolutions December 28th - 1999
Descent 3 Reveals The Idiots for What They Are
December 21st - 1999
The Idiots Hardware Wishlist
December 15th - 1999
Santa, Please Forgive Me. I Want Games for Christmas
December 8th - 1999

November 1999

Great Games for Cheap People November 30th - 1999
Cyber Idiocy: The Idiots Preview GameRanger
November 16th - 1999
Hey, Are You Crying or Is That Just Something in Your i?
November 2nd - 1999

October 1999

The Idiots Say Goodbye To The One-Button Mouse October 26th - 1999
Hey, What Are You Doing? Playing With Your OS?
October 19th - 1999
When Idiots Talk, Apple Listens (Sort Of)
October 12th - 1999
Using PC Parts On Your Mac II, The Return of Macinstein
October 5th - 1999

September 1999

Dr. Macinstein: Using PC Parts On Your Mac September 28th
Let's All Go to the Web, and Catch Ourselves a Flick
September 21st
The Last Name of The Game Column
September 14th
Free Games On The Web At
September 7th

August 1999

The Idiots Build The Perfect Gaming Beast: Upgrading A Beige G3 Minitower, Part 2 August 31st
The Idiots Build The Perfect Gaming Beast: Upgrading A Beige G3 Minitower
August 24th
X-Files Asks the Idiots for Help, More Halo, and the Ultimate Mac Game Resource
August 17th
The Idiots Get to See Halo Behind Closed Doors
August 10th
Games and Hardware You Thought Would Never Come to the Mac
August 3rd

July 1999

Games and Hardware You Thought Would Never Come to the Mac July 27th
‘Twas The Night Before Expo
July 20th
The Idiots Make Stuff Up: Is Apple Looking Elsewhere for Its 3D Cards?
July 13th
What?! This is Shareware?!! The Indispensable Mac Gamer's Resource
July 6th

June 1999

The Idiots' All-Time Favorite Games June 22nd
T2 And Carmageddon, The Last Word
June 22nd
Interactive Web Games - Coming Soon To A Browser Near You
June 15th
Does Starship Titanic Sink or Swim?
June 8th
Think Different - Sound Better
June 1st

May 1999

A Disturbance In The Force For The Idiots May 25th
The Idiots E3 Wrap Up
May 18th
Two Idiots, Braveheart, The Mail, and Some Slapstick
May 11th
Reflections On Mac Gaming: What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been
May 4th

April 1999

SCi Speaks Up About Carmageddon 3 (that's right),Cheats, Apple, and T2 Steering Wheels April 27th
Carmageddon II: This Year's Best Sequel (Star Wars is a Prequel, People)
April 20th
More O&A with the Idiots
April 13th
Nightfall: An Idiot's Guide
March 30th

March 1999

Nightfall: When First-Person Shooters Meet Adventure Games March 23rd
New Mac Games: The '99 Drool List
March 16th
Do You VooDoo? We Do: The In's and Out's Of 3Dfx
March 9th
Dark Vengeance: A Dish Best Served Accelerated
March 2nd

February 1999

Fusion: The Game of the Future, Part II February19th
Fusion: The Game of the Future
Even More Questions Only An Idiot Would Ask
February 5th

January 1999

How the Heck Did The Idiots Get Klingon Honor Guard Before You Did? January 29th
Did You Get Hit By An Elephant, or is that Carmageddon II?
January 22nd
Quake, Rattle & Roll
- January 15th
The Developers' Cave
- January 8th
Commander Gary and Cadet Randy
- January 1st

December 1998

An Idiot's Christmas- December 25th
Now A Word About The Good Book
- December 18th
The Great Randini and His Lapdog Gary
- December 9th
This Column Is Rated X
- December 1st

November 1998

Volume, Volume, Volume!- November 24th
More Questions Only An Idiot Would Ask
- November 17th
Time Is On Our Side
- November 10th
3D Or Not 3D. There Is No Question
- November 3rd

October 1998

Questions Only An Idiot Would Ask- October 27th
It's Fun to Play the MDK!
- October 20th
Giving Developers the Warm Fuzzies
- October 13th
Gimme Another Quarter!
- October 6th

September 1998

The Column Known Simply As "Number 2"- September 29th
The Intro and The Outro
- September 22nd