In this TMO video podcast, Bryan Chaffin and John Kheit look at Apple’s Chinese iCloud occupation and what it says about Apple. They also think Apple is just plain missing the smarthome boat, judging by what we’re seeing at CES. John goes off on a tangent rant about parenting and Apple, and for the pop portion of the show, they talk about recent developments in The Curse of Oak Island. (WARNING NSFW: PROFANITY & RANTS)

Check It Out: Apple’s Chinese iCloud Occupation, HomeKit Miss, Apple Parenting, Oak Island – Pop.0 ep.28

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  1. John Kheit

    @geoduck. Dude, you have to get those guys to STOP sending in divers that kick up soot so you cant see squat. You need to give them one of your devices with a little robot arm to grab things and plop them in a bucket or something, so they can actually SEE something and retrieve it. The only clear shots they ever got were with your little submersible cameras and then it all turns to poo as soon as they send a diver in. Anyway, super kudos geoduck!

    • geoduck

      Yes silt is a bugger under water. Takes forever to settle out. When the camera came back some footage was still on the built in DVR. You could see the camera going down the shaft. Then they panned to face the water. It looked like gray milk. Apperently this was after the diver went down and mucked up the place.
      We do actually make manipulators to grab things too as well as full computer controlled robot systems. We’re just waiting for their call.

      • John Kheit

        They seriously need to call. Nothing against the diver, it’s a crappy environment. The robot is clearly the answer for all that work until they actually hit pay dirt.

      • geoduck

        They’ve had a steady gig on TV for 5 years. I think that IS their pay dirt.

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