Complete Cybersecurity for All Is Simplified with Clario

Clario offers easy, complete cybersecurity

There’s no doubt that keeping our devices, whether Mac or iPhone or iPad, secure is more important than ever. There used to be a time when Macs were all but immune to malware and other threats, but not anymore. Unfortunately, most cybersecurity protection for Macs has always been a bit piecemeal. You’d need one app for virus and malware protection, another for ad-blocking, and yet another piece of software to protect your network. Clario is looking to change the face of cybersecurity, and make it easier to understand at the same time. How successful Clario is at protecting your Mac, iPhone, and iPad from digital threats is what we’re about to learn.

Complete Cybersecurity Simplified in One App

The developers behind Clario make it easy to understand what threats you might be facing to your digital security. After giving the software your name, Clario helps you set up your protection through a series of easy-to-understand questions. These questions help Clario determine what your cybersecurity worries are, and how to address them.

Clario offers easy, complete cybersecurity
Through easy-to-understand questions, Clario guides you through locking down your Mac’s cybersecurity

The software covers protecting your online identity, browsing safety, and computer from malicious software. Step by step, Clario helps you choose which protections you really need. The app even tells what you need to do to turn on these safety features. Since macOS requires changes in Settings > Security & Privacy for much of its safeguards to work, Clario explains exactly what you need to do.

Comprehensive Device Security

Like I said, many cybersecurity products require multiple pieces of software to give you the most protection. Not so with Clario. As you set up the software, you’ll be able to learn when your email accounts have been involved in a data breach, how to avoid unwanted access to your data, and stop third parties from stealing things like the details you give when filling out a form.

Clario offers easy, complete cybersecurity
With Clario, everything you need to secure your Mac is included in one app

You’ll also get browsing protection, from ad and poop-up blocking to tips on how to browse safer. Clario also has a built-in VPN service, allowing you not only to protect your Internet browsing privacy but also to access location-restricted content and services.

Your Mac could also be vulnerable to allowing others to access your camera and microphone. Clario helps protect you from that by showing how to secure access to those devices in your browsers and macOS security. You’ll also get real-time protection from malware and other malicious software.

Clario doesn’t stop there. The app helps you shop and bank more securely online, protect and secure your home and public surfing, and keep your cloud and local files safe from snoopers. The app’s protection and guidance changing your system or software settings helps turn your Mac into a haven as secure as Fort Knox.

Great Customer and Technical Support to Expand Your Complete Cybersecurity

While the app itself is very user-friendly, you might run into cybersecurity threats that you simply can’t understand. That’s where Clario’s team of experts comes in. The company has assembled a group of more than 600 professionals who can help you understand potential problems with your digital security.

Clario offers easy, complete cybersecurity
Clario’s help agents are fast, knowledgeable, and just a click away

These experts are available 24/7, right from within the Clario app. Even better, you don’t need to navigate through a chat bot to get to them. Just click on the chat bubble icon in the top right corner of the screen, describe your problem or question, and a live person will be with you shortly. This service can go far beyond simply securing your Mac or mobile device, too. These experts can help you understand phishing attacks, malicious websites. They’ll even explain how to make your Amazon Echo more secure and privacy-minded.

Fantastic Trial and Follow-Up

Clario gives you a 7-day free trial, after which the service is currently $69 a year, or $12 per month. If you cancel your free trial, the people behind Clario are eager to find out how they could keep you or what issues you might have had with the service. When I allowed my trial to expire, they reached out and invited me to take part in a video chat discussing my experience with the software.

In this chat, Clario’s customer relations team asked about how comfortable I was using the software, what concerns I had, and what I thought they could do to make it a better service. They were professional and friendly, open to feedback about the software and service.

As a current subscriber, you’ll have plenty of options for letting Clario know what you think. The software offers you a feedback icon. Here, you can participate in surveys on improving and evolving Clario or report bugs. You can even schedule a call-back with the improvement team. In the future, subscribers will even be able to vote on what the developers work on next.

Nothing Is Perfect, Of Course

If I have any complaints about Clario, it’s with the amount of extra notifications and emails I get encouraging me to betta secure my devices. Sometimes, these will come multiple times each day. Fortunately, the delete key is easy to find and use.

Even with the added email and notifications, Clario is so easy to setup and use it’s worthwhile. You get very comprehensive digital security for up to three devices. Mix and match between Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android, with Windows support coming soon. Plus, you’ll get with excellent customer and technical support.

2 thoughts on “Complete Cybersecurity for All Is Simplified with Clario

  • So the real issue is not the software, but the people who created it.
    Where are the located.
    Who are they?
    Why should we trust this unknown group of “developers”?
    Do they have any known history?
    Has anyone dug into their software to be sure it does not contain
    and key loggers or server call home behaviors?
    Regards, John (ex Apple #0088)

    1. Hi John. I’m Vicky from Clario. Thanks for the comment. I’m here to provide you more information.

      Where are the located 

      Our main office (part of marketing and all management) is in London (address: 7 Stratford Place, Marylebone) and we also have development in Ukraine (several offices).

      Who are they?

      There’re a lot of us to tell about everyone! But you can find interesting interviews with Alun Baker or Scarlet Jeffers, members of our management team.

      Why should we trust this unknown group of “developers”?

      Completely agree, trust is the key. It’s your choice. We do everything we can to gain the trust – we’re transparent, getting third-party testing, giving our consumers chance to test software without sharing any data with us etc. But again – it’s your choice.

      Do they have any known history?

      You can read about our history in this blog article:

      Has anyone dug into their software to be sure it does not contain

      and key loggers or server call home behaviors?

      We launched out software on Hackerone for guys to test us, also we’re going through AV-Lab test now.
      If you have any issues, feel free to ask me via [email protected].

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