Apple Q4 2017 Earnings Report Set for November 2

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple money pile

Apple is hosting its 2017 fourth fiscal quarter earnings report on Thursday, November 2nd. The conference call will start after the market closes at about 2PM pacific time (5PM eastern time).

A Robotic Lawn Mower to Save Your Pennies For

· Jeff Butts · Product News

robotic lawn mower

Jeff Butts loves all sorts of home automation gadgets, so it’s little surprise he’s interested in these yard machines.

Your Mac's EFI Might Be Outdated

· Jeff Butts · News

Mac's EFI

It’s not just an Apple problem, but it definitely bears some investigation and consideration.

Apple Could Improve Photos App With Regaind Acquisition

· Andrew Orr · News

Apple acquired the company earlier this year, so we don’t know if iOS 11 already makes use of this technology, or if it will come in a future version of iOS and the photos app.

Apple Gets More Transparent with Privacy Information

· Andrew Orr · News

Apple has updated its privacy page with new information and product images. First launched in 2015, Apple shares how the company manages the privacy of its customers.

Good Luck Getting an iPhone X this Year

· Jeff Gamet · News

iPhone X sold out

If analyst reports are right, only a lucky few will get an iPhone X on November 3rd. Everyone else will have to wait months—not weeks—to get theirs.

Google Drive gets Full iOS 11 Files Support

· Jeff Gamet · Product News

Google Drive in iOS 11 Files app

Google Drive already worked Files in iOS 11, but thanks to a fresh update it now fully supports the app’s interface.

Getting Rid of the 'Now Playing' Screen on watchOS 4

· Jeff Butts · News

now playing

It’s annoying, its settings are hidden, but stopping “Now Playing” from taking over your Apple Watch is actually pretty easy, once you know where to look.