A Look at Apple TV+ Shows Entering a Fourth Season


Apple TV+ is no slouch when it comes to original content. This year alone the company has brought forth several new series. However, Apple TV+ is still relatively young, as the streaming service launched November 1, 2019. Let’s take a look at some shows that will enter a fourth season on Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ Series Hitting the Fourth Season Mark

While many series have been renewed, for example, Ted Lasso is working on its third season (though star Jason Sedeikis is reluctant for a fourth) as is the show For All Mankind, though it also does not have a fourth season guarantee.

There are a couple other that may currently make it to a fourth season, however Dustin Rowles of Pajiba notes that this may not happen. The Morning Show, See and Truth Be Told have all been green lighted for a third season, though this may be unlikely. In terms of See in particular, it will be interesting to see if Momoa can make the commitment for another season. Likewise with Anniston and Witherspoon for The Morning Show.

However, a select few have made it to a guaranteed fourth season. For starters, the entirely creepy M. Night Shyamalan series Servant is currently producing its fourth and final season. Servant was one of the first series to join the streaming service. The series follows a Philadelphia couple who hire a nanny for their infant son, who is a doll reborn.

The Long Haul

Additionally, Mythic Quest, an American comedy series created by Charlie Day, Megan Ganz and Rob McElhenney has been picked up for a third and fourth season. This is despite it only airing for two seasons. The series follows a video game company as they run the largest multiplayer game of all time.

In terms of other shows getting a fourth season in a somewhat unusual way is also the Gary Oldman spy series Slow Horses. This show was renewed for a second season before the first even aired. It also was picked up for a third and fourth before the season 2 premiere.

For a streaming service that is so early in its career, it is off to a fantastic start. 2021 already saw Apple TV+ winning numerous awards. This includes the first streaming service to win an Oscar for the film CODA.

What do you think will make it to four seasons on Apple TV+? Do you think anything might go longer?

One thought on “A Look at Apple TV+ Shows Entering a Fourth Season

  • Nick:

    Good question. 

    My taste in entertainment is not quite mainstream, so while I occasionally land on a show that is popular, my viewing selections are eclectic, and will include those that are non-mainstream and not even popular. Apple already have quite a range. 

    Of the shows that I have seen (many you’ve mentioned, like Ted Lasso, I’ve never watched, nor am I likely to), those that I think could make it to four seasons include:

    1. The Servant – M. Night Shyamalan is simply brilliant, takes risks, and brings a touch of mystic folklore to his storytelling. I find it compelling, and am not surprised that it will see a fourth season. In my household, I’m alone in that opinion. 
    2. For All Mankind – this alternative history of the Space Race and exploration has the capacity for a fourth or even a fifth season, in terms of content and storyline, however much will depend on what they do with this next leg – Mars, which has yet to see a human presence. 
    3. Mosquito Coast – a complex web of complex lives and people. The first season was well-done and engaging. If season 2 is as equally well acted and produced, it could make The Four Seasons club. 
    4. Foundation – clearly has the content to span four or more seasons, and has only scratched the surface with season 1. However, my enthusiasm for the series aside, there have been mixed reviews. The acting and production quality was outstanding, despite some licence with the storyline. This is a complex saga with detailed storylines behind multiple characters over generations, which can be difficult to convey in a televised format. While I would vote for a third and fourth season, I will not be surprised if much of the viewing audience lack the patience for more than a second season. 
    5. Severance – left me struggling to find a rationale to finish season 1. This must be a metaphor for something, though I’m not sure for what or even why. Given its apparent popularity, and its odd twists and deliberate even if slow pace, it could be around for a fourth season – without my eyeballs. 
    6. Invasion – will need to bring something that it did not bring to season 1 if it is to see a second or third, let alone fourth season. The storylines are built around families whose members are, for the most part, unlikeable. However, the premise holds much potential. 

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