Apple and Airtel Set to Discuss Rollout of 5G Support to iPhones in India

Apple to roll out 5g support soon for Airtel in India

Senior executives from Apple and India’s Bharti Airtel are meeting this week to discuss the rollout of 5G support for iPhones in India. Apple plans to issue a software update soon that will enable 5G iPhones to support Airtel’s 5G network.

Apple to Release Software Update for iPhone 5G Support

According to ET News, iPhone users in India may experience faster 5G network connectivity by December. This will include owners of the iPhone 12 and newer models. Apple plans to roll out a software update in India that will enable 5G iPhones to support Airtel’s 5G network. According to the report, Apple has been testing and validating 5G-capable iPhones on India’s faster 5G network. Apple conducted these tests in Mumbai and Delhi, the report noted.

During the meeting, executives from both companies will discuss the rollout timeline for the iOS update that will bring iPhone 5G support to Airtel’s network. The two parties will also discuss reasons why Apple delayed the software update. Additionally, the two parties will determine the exact release date of the software update.

The report also confirmed that Apple conducted its testing and validation with another telecommunication provider’s 5G network in India. It should be noted that Apple goes through a tedious process of testing and validation before it goes live with a new 5G network on compatible iPhones. The company wants to make sure that supporting the new 5G network will provide customers with a faster and more reliable network.

Indian Government Pressuring Apple to Enable 5G on iPhones

In a related report, Reuters said that the Indian government is pressuring Apple and Samsung to adopt the 5G network for their smartphones. Two years after Apple supported the 5G network starting with the iPhone 12, Indian customers still cannot experience 5G with their iPhones. Reuters also reported that executives from Apple, Samsung, and the Indian government will meet to discuss adding 5G support to the latest models of their respective smartphones.

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