India Just Passed a Law That Will Help Apple

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Apple India

As part of a new proposal, India said that single-brand retail companies like Apple can open online stores before they set up physical stores in the country.

This would allow Apple, which has yet to set up retail stores in the country, to start selling a range of products through its own online store. Currently, Apple sells its products in India through partnered third-party offline retailers and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon India, Flipkart and Paytm Mall.

India is Apple’s next—and perhaps last—country for big potential growth in the electronics market. Keep a close eye on this relationship in the future. I expect Apple to build data centers and other resources in the country, if they don’t have such things already.

Want to Build a Drone? Check Out The PlutoX

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Want to build a drone? There’s a build a drone kit on IndieGogo right now called PlutoX. It’s a complete aerial robotics kit that comes with a nano drone, a learning manual, 10 DIY projects, hardware accessories (including wifi camera, range sensor and DC geared motors), easy-to-code software and modular hardware. “Instead of slowing down tinkerers with a cumbersome process to add hardware like cameras, sensors or even another board to their drones, we want to make development easy for them. We want to fuel their imagination and encourage them to explore more possibilities while tinkering,” says the CTO and co-founder, Prasanna Shevre. With 30,000+ students trained on drones and with the Pluto Racing League–India’s first nano drone racing league, Drona Aviation has made a mark in the Indian drone industry. You can fund the project with rewards starting at US$169.

Want to Build a Drone? Check Out The PlutoX

24 Sentenced in Recent India Phone Scam Case

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It included charges of conspiracy to commit identity theft, impersonation of an officer of the United States, wire fraud, and money laundering.