Apple Hires an Amazon Tech Exec for Software VP Role

Jon McCormack's LinkedIn Profile Photo

Apple has hired Jon McCormack for a software-related VP position, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Mr. McCormack previously worked at Google’s Advanced Technology & Products Group, but he was hired from his gig at Amazon, where he was Chief Technology Officer of the devices group. He was also Vice President of Software for Kindle. Before Amazon and Google, Mr. McCormack worked at HP as chief of its software operations.

Which is a solid software background, and most likely a coup for Apple. The company also poached John Giannandrea from Google this week—he’ll be reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook as head of Apple’s artificial intelligence efforts.

We don’t yet know what Mr. McCormack will be doing at Apple, but his background makes him suitable for just about everything Apple is doing.

Jon McCormack's LinkedIn Profile Photo
Jon McCormack’s LinkedIn Profile Photo

Jon McCormack

In addition to his technology work, Mr. McCormack is the cofounder of The Kilgoris Project, which builds schools in Kenya. From his LinkedIn profile:

The Kilgoris Project educates and feeds the children of a Massai village in southwest Kenya. We partner with the community to operate three pre-schools and a primary school, provide daily food and clean water, and foster economic development.

I’m delighted to see Apple adding more executives. The company has grown into a massive juggernaut, and Mr. Cook appears committed to adding to the ranks of decision makers within the company. Only time will tell how well the new hires fit in with Apple’s culture, but I see these moves as continued evidence that Apple is committed to getting and staying back on track for its different product lines.

2 thoughts on “Apple Hires an Amazon Tech Exec for Software VP Role

  • OK, but I hope you realize that virtually everyone at Apple, including Wosniak and Jobs, came from somewhere else, including all the transient “arch-enemies” along the way, HP, IBM, Microsoft, etc. Hybrid vigor, in corporations as well as in biology, makes you stronger. Besides, based solely on the recent announcements, these are high quality hires, and it’s looking good for the future IMO.

  • Apple is no longer Apple, I don’t know what the monstrosity they have become is, other than worth truckloads of money. Steve Job’s influence is kaput. I am done with ’em.

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