Apple’s Investments in Green Technology Bring About a First for Green Energy

Apple Solar Farm creates green energy

As Apple continues to invest in greener technology, the company recently issued an additional $4.7 billion in green bonds. The company announced today that its investment is jump starting the development of new low-carbon manufacturing and recycling technologies. Since 2016, Apple has issued three Green Bonds, with the trajectory aiming for reductions in total global emissions and bringing cleaner power to communities around the world.

Smelting with Greenhouse Gasses

Thanks to recent smelting technology, Apple now has a direct supply to to carbon-free aluminum. This is the first metal manufactured at an industrial scale outside of a laboratory without creating any direct carbon emissions. This aluminum will help produce Apple’s newest iPhone SE.

The process of smelting typically requires the burning of excess materials to achieve a raw source. Typically, fossil fuels are the chemical reducing agent. ELYSIS, the company responsible for the carbonless smelting process, is working closely with the computer company. Using hydroelectricity, ELYSIS’ new technology produces oxygen rather than green houses gasses. This creates a far cleaner smelting process.

This new aluminum comes through a joint investment between Apple, Alcoa, Rio Tinto, as well as the governments of Canada and Quebec.

Apple Staying Committed to Green Energy

Apple expects to go completely carbon-neutral by 2025. The company has allocated all funds from its first two Green Bond purchases. The recent 2019 Green Bond is helping 50 different projects. The goals of these projects range from offsetting over 2.8 million metric tons of CO2, installing 700 megawatts of renewable energy around the world, as well as promoting new recycling research.

With more than $500 million of 2019’s Green Bond investments allocated to cleaner energy, it is hopeful that Apple will hit its goal by 2025.

Many of Apple’s funds have also gone to the largest onshore wind turbines. One of the cleanest sources of energy, these turbines power the company’s data center in Viborg, Denmark. Surplus energy returns to the Danish power grid. This year, Apple expects to expand the operations of this data center. The company also expects to build new infrastructure to capture excess heat energy as well.

All Apple offices, data centers and retail stores have sourced 100% clean energy since 2018. Similarly, 2021 also saw Apple help guide suppliers toward cleaner energy. Overall, 175 manufacturing partners across 24 countries dedicated themselves to 100% clean and renewable energy.

The full Annual Green Bond Report is available on Apple’s website.

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