The Best Apple Black Friday Deals For This Weekend [UPDATE]


Screenshot of Mac app Unclutter, one of many Apple Black Friday deals.

Unclutter is a clipboard manager for your Mac. It lets you store files, notes, and items on your clipboard. From November 24 to November 29, Unclutter is offering its app for 50% off. You can get it on the Mac App Store and the standalone version on Unclutter’s website for US$4.99.


IFIXIT has Apple Black Friday deals on toolkit bundles.

Apple repair company IFIXIT is offering bundles of toolkits for Black Friday. You can get free U.S. domestic shipping on orders of US$50 or more by using the code FIXTHEWORLD. Some of the toolkits on sale:

  • Clean Sweep Bundle—Keep the insides and outsides of your electronics spick and span with this collection of cleaning, brushing, and maintenance tools: US$39.99
  • Get a Grip Bundle—It’s equipped with all the tools you need to hold on to those tiny screws, latch onto those smooth screens, and snatch up those delicate components: US$39.99
  • Made to Order Bundle—You can keep track of every single screw, part, and bracket in your repair: US$34.99


Anker is having Apple Black Friday deals through Amazon.

Through Amazon, Anker is offering sales on some of its accessories, available now. Some of its offerings include:

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