Google TV App Arrives for iOS to the Apple App Store

Google TV for iOS

Today, the Google TV app is now available in the iOS App Store. Those with access to Google TV will now be able to enjoy the service through any device running iOS. Google TV replaces the now slowly fading Google Play Movies & TV app.

Google TV App Now for iOS

A press release stated,

We made the Google TV app on Android to help you discover what to watch with recommendations from across your apps, and to make it easy to start watching movies and shows. Starting today, you’ll also be able to download the Google TV app for iOS from the App Store. And if you already have the Play Movies & TV app for iOS, it will update to the new Google TV app.

Following the release of the app for iOS, Apple users will have access to a variety of features built within the app. Users will be able to let the Google TV app know which streaming apps they subscribe to. This enables the chance for suggestions all in one place. This will be based on what users have watched and what interests them to make finding content easier.

Users will also be able to create a watchlist for their discoveries, saving shows they may not be immediately able to watch for later. This also works for a user’s favorite stars. Your watchlist, recommendations and all movies and show previously rented or purchased will follow you through your Google account. If you can login in, you can begin watching.

Direct Media Access

Additionally, users will also to get better recommendations as they review their favorite movies and shows. After watching their chosen content or as they browse, users can mark titles “watched” or be able to quickly rate them with a like and dislike button. Users will also have access to a Highlights tabs which will help them stay up to date through a personalized daily feed of news, reviews and more.

iPhone users will also be able to use their phone as a remote with Google TV. Users will also be able to use Google Assistant, or use the keyboard within their phone to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names or search terms.

Users may download Google TV for iOS through the App Store. If you already have the Play Movies & TV app for iOS, it will automatically update to the new Google TV app.

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