Here’s All of the macOS Mojave Privacy Features Coming

Apple is bringing a bunch of new privacy and security features to macOS, especially in Safari. Here are all of the macOS Mojave privacy features.

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In Safari, Intelligent Tracking Prevention is getting an upgrade. Now, social media like/share buttons will be blocked, as well as comment boxes. Even if you don’t interact with those elements on a web page, they can still be used to track you.

Next, Safari will automatically suggest stronger passwords when you go to create new online accounts. And it will flag reused passwords so you can quickly change them to have a unique password for each account.

Image of iMac running macOS Mojave in our list of macOS Mojave privacy features.

Finally, there will be a powerful anti-fingerprinting technology coming to macOS. This is used by advertisers to identify your devices and track them, even if you use adblockers. But now macOS (and maybe iOS too?) will provide websites with a generic data profile, with Craig Federighi saying, “As a result, your Mac will look like everybody else’s Mac, and it’ll be drastically more difficult for data companies to identify your device and track you.”

Data Permissions

New data protections mean that macOS apps will have to get user permission before using the Mac camera and microphone, or accessing personal data like your Mail history or Messages database. This brings it more in line with iOS permissions.

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