Moovit’s New Live Location Feature Makes Urban Mobility Easier Than Ever


Urban mobility app Moovit has officially announced its new Live Location vehicle feature, which the company states will help cut down on both commute stress and uncertainty.

The Moovit app now displays the location of public transit vehicles live and in real-time, allowing users to get better data and details about the progress of their routes.

Urban Mobility App Moovit Delivers Live Location Feature to App

Moovit is a part of Mobileye, a leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) that focuses on helping users get around town in an efficient and convenient way via any mode of transport. Moovit is also the #1 urban mobility app, and recently announced a new means of helping users with their route and commute.

Available for both iOS and Android, Moovit’s new Live Location feature is now rolling out to more than 220 cities across 38 countries, with even more plans to expand the service.

According to a press release from Moovit,

How many times have you stood at the station when, suddenly, the arrival time of your transit line has been updated due to an unexpected delay? To provide users with extra context on where their line is at any given moment, Moovit is rolling out a new Live Location feature available on Moovit’s iOS and Android apps. Live Location aims to help users reduce uncertainty during their commute by offering richer data on where their line is, on the map, in real-time.

In addition to new Live data, users are also able to see when the data last saw an update (meaning when the signal was last received from the vehicle), while also receiving alerts from their specific line. All of this information is available on the same screen.

According to the company, users are able to access where their line is by following these steps:

  • Tap on the ‘Live Location’ button within the Action Button located at the bottom of a user’s Itinerary, Line Details or Station Details screens.
  • This will open a map and will show an icon moving within the map. This allows users to find the movement of their vehicle in real-time.

Taking a Look at Features and Availability

Additionally, in thanks to “several layers of guidance”, Moovit is also able to provide users with step-by-step navigational instructions, simply by pressing ‘Start’ to enter the Live Directions screen. Users may also enable ‘Get off alerts’ so they can know when it’s the right time to deboard.

Furthermore, Moovit’s Way Finder is also capable of helping users via augmented reality. By placing digital directions overtop the camera view, users should be able to find correct stations, underground entrances and extra guidance with ease.

The new Live Location feature is now available in the Apple App Store, with the Google Play version “soon to follow”.

For those that need help navigating through their city, Moovit can be especially helpful. For those that rely on public transportation, Moovit is able to provide quick access to information in real-time.

You can find the Moovit app with the new Live Locations feature on the Apple App Store here.

Are you looking forward to using the new Live Locations from Moovit? Let us know in the comments.

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