Apple TV+ ‘The Morning Show’ on Hiatus Due to Coronavirus

Aniston Witherspoon Morning Show

Apple TV+ show The Morning Show will be going on a two-week hiatus over concerns of the coronavirus (via Deadline).

The Morning Show

The decision was made by both the studio and Apple. It’s being done as a precautionary measure and not over actual cases of coronavirus. Starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, The Morning Show is in the middle of filming its second season in a Sony lot.

Michael Ellenberg, Founder and CEO of Media Res:

In concert with our dedicated partners at Apple, we have concluded it would be prudent to take a two-week hiatus to assess the situation and ensure the safety of the incredible people who make this show.

Production for Apple TV+ show Foundation has also been halted due to the virus.

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Considering that I have watched all the content available on Apple TV+, will subscribers get a refund if they paid for the year up front?

Lee Dronick

I sure that we will see more such delays. In the meantime I have shelves of books and some classics to reread.