How Passwords on iOS 12 Are Treated Differently

Passwords on iOS 12 are receiving some enhancements. This includes iOS’s built-in password manager, and third-party password managers.Image of Safari icon. Passwords on iOS 12 will get upgrades in Safari and beyond.

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Passwords on iOS 12

To start, Safari will suggest stronger passwords when you go to create an online account. But passwords are now suggested within apps, too. iOS 12 also has something called password reuse auditing. This means iOS 12 will notify you if you have an issue with using the same passwords. Siri can also show you your passwords for apps too.

Third-party password managers will now have a new set of APIs under the AuthenticationServices framework. Instead of using the share sheet, your password manager can directly integrate with Password AutoFill. Additionally, for accounts set up with two-factor authentication, your one-time use code can be auto-filled too.

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