Deadline is December 8 for App Store Privacy Labels

Apple’s icon to denote privacy.

Apple announced on Thursday that developers have to get their apps ready for the new privacy labels by December 8, 2020.

App Store Privacy Labels

Announced at WWDC 2020, developers will be required to add to their app’s page the kinds of data that it uses. Examples include:

  • Identify all possible data collections and uses, even if certain data will be collected and used only in limited situations.
  • Apps should follow the App Store Review Guidelines and any applicable laws.
  • Developers are responsible for keeping responses accurate and up to date. If practices change, update responses in App Store Connect.

Data Types that apps can potentially access include: Contact Info, Health & Fitness, Financial Info, Location, Sensitive Info, Contacts, User Content, Browsing History, Search History, Identifiers, Purchases, Usage Data, Diagnostics, Other Data.

Data Usage categories are also listed: Third-Party Advertising, Developer’s Advertising, Analytics, Product Personalization, App Functionality, Other Purposes.

If a developer plans to use any of this data it has to be revealed up front on every app page.

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