Page 2 – Hardware and Roadmap Expectations for WWDC 2018

4. New Hardware

Speaking of powerful hardware, Mr. Kafasis expects that Apple will talk about the new Mac Pro this year, and possibly even start shipping it this year, or at least announce a shipping date.

Image of Mac Pro. It could get updated at WWDC18.

We’ve also been hearing rumors of a cheaper MacBook Air, and Mr. Kafasis says we could see that this year. Like the Mac Pro, the Mac Mini has also been behind on updates. There was a minor update in 2014, but the last big update was back in 2012. He cautions that an update to this hardware line doesn’t seem like a WWDC announcement though.

Something else to keep an eye on is the MacBook Pro’s Touchbar. Will Apple make improvements to it, or is it considered a failure? Mr. Kafasis comments that “I won’t be surprised if it’s not mentioned at WWDC at all, but it will be interesting to watch in the coming months and years.”

5. A Clear Roadmap

When it comes to Apple’s future, Ms. Sadun wants the company to share a clearer vision for the future of computing:

I want to see a clear path to the next generation of computing. I want a roadmap that takes ubiquitous computing, cloud data, scattered infrastructure, mobile access, machine learning, virtual reality, and all the pieces that have been coming together to create a coherent lightweight computing experience of the future.

Concept image of Apple AR glasses. While we won't see them at WWDC18, they might be coming in the future.

Apple has all of these somewhat disparate initiatives, but will they come together into a more concrete way? This could also tie into the company’s AR ambitions. One of the AR rumors is a new operating system, dubbed “rOS or realityOS” that will be used with the AR glasses. Since the glasses may or may not have touch-based input, Apple is sure to use more smart features like machine learning, automation, Siri, etc.

In that case, the big question is: Will Apple Glasses eventually replace the iPhone, or will it be an accessory to the iPhone like the Apple Watch is? Interesting times lie ahead for the future of computing for sure.

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Old UNIX Guy

Some things I’d like to see at WWDC 2018 (not in any particular order): Craig F. deliver no hair jokes and instead devote that time to a massive and sincere apology for the absolutely abysmal software quality Apple has produced during his tenure. That followed by an announcement of the concrete steps Apple is taking to correct course, which could include not doing annual releases of macOS. Phil S. to come on stage and announce that after two years of not actually selling a Pro laptop, Apple is re-entering that market. We get a laptop line that has a working… Read more »


Roadmap is not really a term that has applied to Apple. Much as we’d like it. Apple doesn’t do it. We know more about Tim Cook’s politics than we do about Apple’s future products and as an Apple customer – both bother me profoundly. As for Apple’s development environment. Mac development is long overdue for an overhaul. Swift shows that Apple has a mind to do the big picture if it wants to. iOS development, given its high level of activity, at 10 years could be argued is also due for an overhaul as well. A modern development environment that… Read more »