Two New Apple Videos for Working on iPad, Sock Puppets and Cherries Not Included

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Apple has two new videos out, clear explainers showing users how to do stuff on their iPad and iPad Pro. The first one shows you how to use two at once, while the second shows how to annotate and markup screenshots. I like the clear, plain language format, plus no sock puppets or cherries required.

Here are both videos in full.

iPad — How to use two apps at once

iPad and iPad Pro — How to draw on screenshots with Apple Pencil

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  1. macjeffff

    I’m glad Apple is producing these videos, but it’s too bad many of the features require videos. In the old days of the Mac, everything was intuitive. No any more! There’s no way to discern these things.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if Siri knew how to use an iPad or iPhone? Oh, I know, Siri knows a few things. But not much. So much for AI.

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