Western Australia Police Finds Apple CarPlay Useful for Responding to Emergencies

Apple CarPlay Useful to Western Australia Police

The Western Australia Police has found Apple CarPlay useful by integration with a public safety mobile application. This enables Australian police front-liners to better respond to emergencies and do their jobs more effectively.

Motorola Solutions PSCore Public Safety Mobile App

Motorola Solution’s PSCore is a public safety mobile application that integrates critical operational information from multiple Western Australia Police systems. Western Australia’s police force uses this solution as part of its digital policing strategy. The strategy leverages technology to enhance productivity, incident awareness, and safety of police officers and the Australian public.

The mobile app has so far helped more than 50,000 Western Australia police front-line workers in their daily work. The law enforcement agency uses the mobile app for digital traffic infringement notices. They were able to eliminate the need to process almost 180,000 handwritten infringement notices annually using the mobile app.

Integration with Apple CarPlay Proves Useful

According to Western Australia Police Deputy Commissioner Col Blanc, the mobile app alone has helped the police force to work with more focus and remain safer when responding to emergency calls.

When police officers respond to an incident they need accurate and relevant information to inform their decisions and keep themselves and community members safe.

Blanc says the integration keeps the department’s officers better informed. The integration gives them safe and easy access to critical operational information even while driving.

The integration of Apple CarPlay with the Western Australia Police public safety mobile app eliminated the need for officers to look at an iPhone or iPad to get more information while inside their vehicles. The app can display essential information on the car’s built-in display. Officers have access to vital information, such as locations of incidents, through the use of CarPlay.

Now we’re taking the next step by extending the rich capabilities of OnForce Core into our police vehicles through the integration with CarPlay including voice controls.

Not Your Usual Infotainment Functionality

Apple CarPlay is not usually seen in work-related scenarios. It’s usually used for audio playback management and navigation, among other uses. So integrating CarPlay with this new mobile app used by Western Australia Police is something worth noting.

Western Australia Police officers can continue to interact with the mobile app through CarPlay via touch gestures on the in-car display. Additionally, police officers can use voice commands via Siri.

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