YouTuber Breaks Table Before Breaking the New Apple Watch Ultra in Durability Test


A YouTuber has posted a video showing the durability of the new Apple Watch Ultra by putting it up against a drop test, a jar of nails, and several hits with a large hammer in order to test the sapphire crystal that protects the display.

The new Apple Watch Ultra is now available, and is meant for the extremely active or those that truly love adventuring outdoors.

Apple Watch Ultra Put to a Durability Test

TechRax, who you may remember just recently put Crash Detection to the test, first did a test of the Apple Watch Ultra by dropping it from a height of four feet. While the device was able to survive with little harm, there were some dents in the titanium casing. For his second test, TechRax mixed the Apple Watch Ultra in a jar of nails. Again, the device took little harm from the nails. However, TechRax did observe that the wristband did get dirty rather fast.

For his final test, TechRax took a hammer to the device several times. Surprisingly, the sapphire crystal display protecting the cover was able to take multiple hits before finally cracking. What may be even more surprising is that the table began to break before the face of the Watch did.

Further Testing

Additionally, though it took multiple attempts to crack and break the screen of the Apple Watch Ultra, the device did fail to also turn on after several hits. This may suggest that it is possible to break the internal components before cracking the screen.

While this may not be the most realistic way to test a device, as it doesn’t really portray the typical use of an Apple Watch, nonetheless it does provide evidence that the screen on an Apple Watch Ultra is rather strong. Those looking to purchase the new Apple Watch Ultra may take comfort in knowing how much abuse the Watch can endure.

According to Apple, the new Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged, durable and extreme Apple Watch to date. Many are suspecting that the device is in direct competition with Garmin.

You can check out TechRax’s full YouTube channel here.

Also, be sure to check out what you can do with the new Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a price of $799, and began arriving to customers on Sept. 23.

Have you purchased the Apple Watch Ultra? Do you plan to? Let us know in the comments.

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