YouTube Music Replaces Google Play Music on Android

YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music as the default music app on Android devices. It will come pre-installed on smartphones and be part of Android 10, Sky News reported.

The service – which has struggled to seize a significant portion of the music streaming market – will replace the relatively unsuccessful Google Play Music app. The move is more a matter of Google consolidating its estate of products rather than attempting to meet the standards of competitors. YouTube Music will come pre-installed on new Android smartphones and will be included in the next version of its operating system, which will simply be known as Android 10 after Google ditched its dessert-themed naming conventions.

PDF Expert 7 Updates With Dark Mode, PencilKit, More

Readdle updated PDF Expert 7 recently, bringing new features like iOS 13’s Dark Mode. Other features include PencilKit for image annotation, multiple windows for better multitasking, and productivity gestures for iPadOS. From the blog post:

PDF Expert 7 features all the new gestures Apple has included in iPadOS. Be it the one-finger tap and drag gesture to select text, the three-finger pinch out to copy or cut text, three-finger swipe left/right to Undo or Redo, or the three-finger tap to bring up the contextual menu — it’s all here on your iPad with PDF Expert.

App Store: PDF Expert 7 – Free

Brands Turn to Product Placements as we Watch Ad-Free Streaming Services

Like many streaming services, Apple TV+ will be ad-free. That is making brands and advertisers rethink how they can reach consumers. AdWeek reported that product placements are becoming more prominent as a result.

Ultimately, though, brands want to be where consumers are. As viewing habits continue to shift to streaming, finding a way to make it onto emerging platforms will only become more essential. “What advertisers and brands are going to need to do is leverage the full ecosystems of those brands to reach people,” said Billy Boulia, group connections director at the agency The Community. “It’s going to become even more important to go in deep with the Apples and the HBOs and the Disneys.”

NASA Chair, Lib. of Congress Dr. Susan Schneider - TMO Background Mode Interview

Dr. Susan Schneider is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at The University of Connecticut. She writes about issues in philosophy, AI, cognitive science and astrobiology. Within philosophy, she works on both the computational nature of the brain and the metaphysical nature of the mind. The topics she has written about most recently include radical brain enhancement, machine intelligence, consciousness, and the nature of persons. Her new book is Artificial You – AI And The Future Of Your Mind.

In our chat we covered many of the major issues of AI: the computational nature of the mind, consciousness, the question of whether consciousness is restricted to humans, extraterrestrial post-biological intelligence, AI implants in humans, and the ethical and cybersecurity issues of AI. Susan talks to AI issues you may have never thought about before. Join me in this awesome 30 minute virtual seminar on AI.