Save Space on Your Time Machine Drive

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Time Machine Drive

Don’t you hate when your Time Machine backups take forever? Even worse is when you begin getting notifications about your Time Machine drive running out of space. Jeff Butts is here to show you how you can slim down your backups, saving both time and precious hard drive space.

Lack of Products Means Absence of Product Vision by Apple

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MacBook-iPad side by side

Soon after the first iPhone was launched, it was fairly easy to see that it would, by its design, eventually subsume the iPod. We watched it coming and expected iPod sales to wither. But in the case of the iPad and the Mac, the progression isn’t so clear. In these uncertain times, Apple could do a lot, with marketing and product rollouts, to provide warmer fuzzies about the roadmap (without spilling any secrets). Page one of Particle Debris set up the discussion, and page two cataloged some cases about how Apple’s lack of messaging, via product design, is creating customer angst.

TMO Background Mode: Interview with Six Colors Editor-in-Chief Jason Snell

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Jason Snell

Jason Snell is one of the best known Apple technical journalists. He’s the Editor-in-Chief of the Apple focused website Six Colors, and he told me the intriguing story about how that name came to be. Previously he was Senior VP and editorial director at IDG, publishers of Macworld, PCWorld, and TechHive. Jason always knew he wanted to be a journalist, and he told me the story about, as a kid, standing on his back porch in a rainstorm and pretending to do a live TV weather report. In 1991, he created InterText, one of the first online fiction magazines. Today, Jason writes and podcasts about everything Apple. In our show, Jason shared his thoughts about many of the most timely and pressing topics related to Apple today: the Mac and iPad futures and the Apple TV.

Here’s Your Chance to Buy a Steve Jobs Autographed NexTWORLD Poster

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Steve Jobs Autographed NeXTWORLD Poster

Here’s your chance to get something autographed by Steve Jobs, but you’ll need to bring your wallet. An auction for a NeXTWORLD poster autographed by Steve Jobs currently has 31 bids and stands at US$11,000. The poster, which was autographed by Steve Jobs in 1992, is part of an online auction by RR Auction. Bidding ends on March 8th.

WWDC 2017 Student Scholarships Open on March 27

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Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 is June 5 through June 9 at San Jose's McEnery Convention Center

Applications for 2017’s Worldwide Developer Conference student scholarships opens on Monday, March 27th. Apple offers WWDC scholarships for students coding apps for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and travel assistance is available for qualifying applicants, too.

Get Ready for Faster Charging, Longer Life iPhone Batteries

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Li-on battery inventor has new tech in store

Lithium-ion batter co-inventor John Goodenough just invented what could be the next generation in mobile device batteries. His new solid state battery design can hold three times as much power compared to current li-on batteries, charges faster, and doesn’t pose any risk of exploding—a problem Samsung is all too familiar with.

New Report Backs Up 5.8-inch iPhone 8

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2017 iPhone may ship with a 5.8-inch display

Apple’s iPhone 8 may sport a 5.8-inch OLED display, according to a new report. Just like other reports, this one says Apple plans to release two LED screen iPhones.

Lightning Cable with Built-in Battery: $39.95

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Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Lightning Cable

We have a deal today on the Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Lightning Cable. It’s a lightning cable with a portable battery built right into the cable. It has a capacity of 2,350mAh, and the cable is designed to charge your phone first—from the battery if necessary. You can get it through us for $39.95.

No, Apple Isn't Dropping Lighting for USB-C on the iPhone 8

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Apple sticking with Lighting instead of switching to USB-C for new iPhones

A report from earlier this week said Apple is abandoning the iPhone’s Lightning port in favor of USB-C, and now we’re hearing that’s not the case. Instead, Apple will stick with the Lightning conector and add support for USB Type-C power delivery for faster charging.

NASA Offers Free Code In New Software Catalog

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Every year since 2014, NASA has published a software catalog, On Wednesday NASA released a software catalog with over 1,000 free code samples. The free code is divided into 15 categories like robotics, aeronautics, climate simulators, biological sensors and guidance systems. Although the code is free, some restrictions may apply. For some, any U.S. citizen can apply to use it. Others can only be used by other federal agencies. And there is even some open-source code in the catalog. Open-source code can be directly downloaded, but most others require you to create an account, or in some cases sign a government contract or a usage agreement. If you’re in the sciences or like to tinker at home, be sure to check out this year’s NASA catalog.

NASA Offers Free Code In New Software Catalog

Freshen Up Your Older Mac and Make It Feel New

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older Mac

When a new version of macOS comes out, many people are tempted to get the latest and greatest Mac to go with it. You don’t have to do that in most cases, though. Jeff Butts shows us how a few timely upgrades can make an older Mac feel like new again.

iPhone 8, Lightning, and Hey Siri on the Mac - TMO Daily Observations 2017-03-03

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TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

We’re learning more about what to expect when Apple ships the iPhone 8 this fall, and it’s looking like we won’t have to give up our Lightning ports after all. John Martellaro and Jeff Butts join Jeff Gamet to look at Lightning and USB-C, plus Touch ID and finger print sensors embedded in the display. Jeff Butts also shares a tip on using “Hey, Siri” on your Mac.

Go Go Gadget Watch With BeOnCam, a Wristwatch Camera on Indiegogo

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Spacemap, a tech startup from Singapore, has launched what it calls the world’s first-ever removable 360-degree wristwatch camera. BeOnCam cradles within an elegant, fully functioning smart wristwatch. It pairs with your iOS device and can take panoramic pictures. You can remove the camera from that housing, though, and mount it in a number of ways – on your bicycle handlebars, on a tripod, on your helmet, or even clipped to your bag. It’s splashproof, but there will also be a waterproof casing available for underwater use. The camera itself has a super wide-angle lens and a 5MP image sensor. It’s capable of capturing still images or video, and has a built-in microphone. It’s really cool, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Shipping is estimated to start in June 2017, and you can get in on the early bird preordering at the project’s Indiegogo campaign.

New Touch ID Tech Pushing iPhone 8 Production to September

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iPhone 8 to get bigger battery and wireless charging

Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology is getting a major revamp in the iPhone 8, and that’s pushing the start of production out to September. The later production date means Apple won’t hit the usual September shipping window for its flagship model.