APFS Corruption, Wi-Fi Numbering, and Backups – Mac Geek Gab Podcast 731

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APFS has been available on our Macs for a year now, and we’re beginning to see the issues with corruption that can’t be yet be solved by Apple or third party utilities. Wi-Fi is changing names… and getting faster! And folks, Backups are still important! All this and more in this week’s Mac Geek Gab. Press play and enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “APFS Corruption, Wi-Fi Numbering, and Backups – Mac Geek Gab Podcast 731

  • I am behind and now I have been caught. But in listening to the portion of the episode about smart thermostats it brought up a question. I heard Dave talk about having multiple zones in his house and office/studio. I have 3 zones in my home and have avoided smart thermostats because I assumed I would have to change out all three thermostats and that is cost prohibitive. Is it possible to replace one at a time with say an Ecobee and gain some benefits of the smart thermostat? I have a two story with our office above the garage as the 3rd zone. The system is a Honeywell 2005 vintage system now. If I can put one on the main floor to start while the office and 2nd story are the original Honeywell thermostats that would be worth it to me.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, @BigFreezer. I have a Nest in the studio but a “dumb” thermostat in the office (those are both in the same building).

      In the house we have 4 zones and, up until very recently, only the main floor was on the ecobee, the rest were on dumb (old/programmable, but not Wi-Fi) thermostats. And that worked out great. No problem at all having a mix.

    1. @tabaholic I think you’re referring to the Hybrid VPN on the NETGEAR XR700 gaming router, is that right? That’s the one we discussed where you can setup an outbound VPN on the router, and then configure it to only route certain traffic across the VPN (either by type or device).

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