Apple Profits, Mac Sales, and Fun with Apple’s Cash Hoard – ACM 396

Apple turned in a record December quarter this week, and Bryan and Jeff look at the numbers. They also look at this one weird trick Apple did to goose Mac sales—the company released a new Mac. And for grins, they discuss some of the things Apple could do with the astounding $246 billion in cash the company has squirreled away.

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2 thoughts on “Apple Profits, Mac Sales, and Fun with Apple’s Cash Hoard – ACM 396

  • you said “I’ll accept that” just before the ordering event, from your pronunciation it may have been interpreted as “Alexa that” – but the assumption would be Alexa remembered earlier words

    egalitarian – misused for Socialist/Marxist – when proposing to distribute APPL cash hoard to everyone

    whereas if it were distributed to shareholders it would make a nice $ 46 per share special dividend

    that would serve to shore up a lot of retirement plans that hold APPL

    it would also reward me for holding shares since 2001 by increasing my total profit by another 25%

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