OSX/MaMi Malware, CES 2018 Trends from the Outside – TMO Daily Observations 2018-01-16

John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to shed some light on the OSX/MaMi malware threat for the Mac, plus they share their perspective from the outside on CES 2018 trends.

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One thought on “OSX/MaMi Malware, CES 2018 Trends from the Outside – TMO Daily Observations 2018-01-16

  • Ok, I don’t need an echo chamber of joy and sunshine, but I also don’t expect tech experts to constantly go negative.

    First! John! This Christmas I purchased an iPad Pro 10.5 64GB New from best buy for $550. NOT a GRAND!!!! Sure I choose to add $95 for a pencil and $100 for apple care plus but these are additions that don’t exist on the POS $199 netbook with a 1024×768 screen 16GB of storage and a CPU that is laughable. If I didn’t need the pen support I could have done nearly the same for under $300 with the new low cost iPad. Both of these devices run Google docs as well or better than the chrome book but also have a native office suite.

    I get that you don’t believe that an iPad is a computer. But I would argue that for my kids who want a powerful computer that can run games and a mobile computer that the combination of iMac at home and iPad for remote work is better than trying to get a laptop that does both.
    For the same price as an entry 15″ MacBook Pro $2400 list 16/256. I can buy an entry iMac 27 $1800 8/1TB and an iPad Pro $650.
    The difference is that the iMac I can BootCamp for any possible software needs and they have an amazing 27″ display and the MacBook I would have to add money to get even a decent external display and would have nowhere near enough space to bootcamp. Also, as their needs change I can upgrade the two devices independently.
    So an iPad Pro will be fine for my kids needs through middle school and the addition of an iMac will push them through High School and who knows what I’ll buy them in 5 years. So YES I bough my middle school aged daughter an iPad Pro and pencil…she is 11.

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