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TDO 2016-12-19: AirPods Alternatives, Plastic OLED
Dec 19th, 2016 2:12 PM

Charlotte Henry joins host Kelly Guimont to discuss Security Friday news items and tips, and the twelfth birthday of the App Store.

Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Hosted by Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun.

Mac Geek Gab

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

Background Mode Podcast

Hosted by John Martellaro from The Mac Observer.

Background Mode

Join The Mac Observer's John Martellaro every week for fascinating interviews with tech industry pros and luminaries. It's more than a show about what they do; it's about who they are.

Apple Context Machine Podcast

Hosted by Bryan Chaffin from The Mac Observer.

Apple Context Machine

Apple Context Machine is a weekly in-depth look at Apple and the tech world from Bryan Chaffin, editor-in-chief of The Mac Observer with special guests from the tech world.

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  1. Dec. 19th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    AirPods Alternatives, Plastic OLED – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-19

    Apple's AirPods are in the company's retail stores, but that doesn't mean you can buy them. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to look at the limited availability for AirPods, and offer up some alternative wireless earbud options. They also look at Plastic OLED and explain what that means for future iPhone models.

  2. Dec. 18th, 2016
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    The First Rule of The Darknet Is Don’t Talk About The Darknet – Mac Geek Gab 636

    It's true, John and Dave – and you, fellow listeners – have gone acronym crazy! BYOD is discussed, as is TOR browser on iOS and elsewhere. RAM performance under Sierra makes an appearance as do a TON of tips, especially one for speeding up Safari on slower Macs. VPN makes an appearance in this acronym show (as it should!), and then we have some gift guide suggestions from your fellow listeners. Press play and enjoy!

  3. Dec. 16th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Super Mario Run, Astra for iPhone – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-16

    Super Mario Run hit Apple's App Store yesterday, so today Bryan Chaffin joins Jeff Gamet to talk about the game and whether or not it's worth the US$9.99 in-app purchase. They also talk about why Astra is an awesome iPhone app for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot owners.

  4. Dec. 15th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Yahoo’s Data Breach, Mac Laptop Battery Time Estimates – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-15

    Yahoo! lost over a billion user's account information in a data breach. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to talk about what happened, and share some tips for protecting your accounts and data from hackers. They also look at some apps for showing the battery time remaining estimate on your Mac laptop.

  5. Dec. 14th, 2016
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Apple AirPods, Kickstarter, and Augmented Reality – ACM 389

    Apple shipped AirPods. Sort of. Bryan and Jeff think it was a terrible idea to ship them before Christmas if Apple couldn't meet demand, which is exactly what's happening. They also weigh the merits of Kickstarter and discuss the state of augmented reality and its future.

  6. Dec. 14th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Apple’s Big Data Storage Deficit – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-14

    Our iPhones, iPads, and Macs can store more and more, but Apple isn't doing much to address our data storage and backup needs outside of those devices. John Martellaro and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to look at the issue and talk about what Apple could do to help ensure we have the storage and backup services we need.

  7. Dec. 13th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    The Big TV App Rant – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-13

    Apple released tvOS 10.1 and iOS 10.2 yesterday with the new TV app. Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to explain why the app is too hobbled in its current state, and discuss what needs to change before it's truly useful.

  8. Dec. 12th, 2016
    Background Mode Podcast
    TMO Background Mode: Interview with Attorney & Mac Power Users Co-Host Katie Floyd

    Katie Floyd is an attorney by day. By night, she's the co-founder and co-host of the Mac Power Users podcast. Katie tells the story of her original passion to be a journalist. She edited the high school yearbook and newspaper on a Mac and, later, majored in journalism in college. Then, in a magical turn of events, she took a political science class from an attorney. It was an both terrifying and exhilarating. September 11, 2001 happened just after graduation, and Katie decided that she wanted to do more. That led eventually to law school. We cover a lot of ground, including her new law firm, the creation of her MPU podcast with David Sparks and a discussion of her new 2016 MacBook Pro. Join me and Katie to hear her inspirational journey.

  9. Dec. 12th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Apple’s Ongoing AirPods Delay, Calendar’s Spam Fix – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-12

    Apple said it would ship its AirPods wireless earbuds in October, but that came and went and we still don't know when they'll hit store shelves. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to look at what's keeping Apple from shipping AirPods, and what needs to happen if they ship in time for Christmas. They also dive into Apple's first attempt to address spam invitations in the Calendar app.

  10. Dec. 11th, 2016
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Filing Mail, Router Follow-up, and Geeky Gift Guides! – Mac Geek Gab 635

    Filing Mail, RAM suggestions, DOCSIS 3.1 and accessing your data from The Dark Side are just some of the topics of questions answered by John and Dave this week. Then it's on to a follow-up from the router show with a sandwich of geeky holiday gift suggestions from your two favorite geeks!

  11. Dec. 9th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Apple Shares AI Research, Listener Comments – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-09

    Apple is changing course and letting its engineers publish their research into artificial intelligence. John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to share their thoughts on why Apple would do that, plus they respond to a listener comment questioning why Jeff is critical of HomeKit.

  12. Dec. 8th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Smarthome Automation for the Holidays – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-08

    The holidays are a great time for showing off your smarthome skills, so Kelly Guimont and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to share some tips. They talk about Siri, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, and more.

  13. Dec. 7th, 2016
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Living with Apple’s Touch Bar, the Reverse Toaster Fridge – ACM 388

    Bryan Chaffin quizzes Jeff Gamet about living with Apple's new TouchBar on his MacBook Pro. They also discuss whether or not the so-called Reverse ToasterFridge could be the future of Apple's hardware. Listener comments have been pouring in, too.

  14. Dec. 7th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    MacBook Pro USB-C Donglegate – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-07

    People seem pretty uptight about Apple's transition to dongle adapters for peripherals on our Macs, so Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to share their thoughts on whether or not it's a big deal. Spoiler: They can't agree.

  15. Dec. 6th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Amazon Go Shopping, iPhone as a Desktop Computer – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-06

    First Amazon wanted to be your go-to online shopping destination, and now the company wants to be your local brick-and-mortar store, too. John Martellaro and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to look at Amazon's planned cashier-free grocery store, plus they dive into the possibility of our iPhones becoming our only computing device.

  16. Dec. 5th, 2016
    Background Mode Podcast
    TMO Background Mode: Interview with Co-Founder of Brydge Technologies Nicholas Smith

    Brydge Technologies makes outstanding aluminum, color matched keyboards for most iPads. Co-founder Nicholas Smith took over the original, failing company founded on Kickstarter and breathed new life into it. That was in the form of an outstanding customer relationship and order fulfillment systems. In this episode I chat with Nick about how he turned the product around, moved his company, with 15 people, from SIngapore to Park City, Utah (more consumer focus), decided not to use Apple's Smart Connector and flourished in a market that now embraces iPads with keyboards. Nick also talks about what prepared him for this kind of venture, his turn-around artistry, and his vision for keyboards on our beloved iPads. He also provides a glimpse of his next new keyboard project. Bonus: we talk about skiing.

  17. Dec. 5th, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Fake News and Snatched iPhones – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-05

    The UK police got unlocked access to a suspect's iPhone but, unlike the FBI earlier this year, they didn't have to ask Apple to hack it. Interestingly, though, the FBI did something very similar to the UK police a few years ago. Listen to hear more. Then it's on to how Apple might just be our last hope to save the integrity of the internet. John Martellaro explains!

  18. Dec. 4th, 2016
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Mail Tips & Solving Generic Dock Icons – Mac Geek Gab 634

    Quick tips to start: copying mail (instead of moving it), editing your default Touch Bar, a new way to create pinned tabs in Safari, ejecting an external Blu-ray, and disabling notifications. After that it's time to answer your questions about secure email, SSD upgrades, keychain errors, portable audio recording setups and much more. Press play and enjoy!

  19. Dec. 2nd, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Uber Sees You When You’re Sleeping…Around – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-02

    "I'll be watching you" is a line that might make Sting look a lot more prescient after you hear this episode. Uber and Waze want to know where you are even more than they used to, and Apple wants to put drones in the air over your roads and in front of your homes, at least for a little bit. It's a brave new world. Our advice: don't go outside without pants on.

  20. Dec. 1st, 2016
    The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast
    Apple’s Tribes and Cloud Services – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-01

    There is a long history of tribes discussing, analyzing and, yes, chastising Apple. That's more true today than it ever has been... or is it? How much of the past reflects in the future? Those very same tribes often talk about Apple's need to increase the amount of free iCloud storage provided to each user. Are they right? Join TDO today as John Martellaro, Adam Christianson and Dave Hamilton discuss!