USB-C iPad Pro, New iPhone Names – TMO Daily Observations 2018-09-10

Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to share their thoughts on a report saying Apple is replacing the iPad Pro Lighting port with USB-C, along with the reported names for the new iPhone lineup.

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2 thoughts on “USB-C iPad Pro, New iPhone Names – TMO Daily Observations 2018-09-10

  • Hi Guys. Fun podcast as always… anyway…

    My take on the iPad is that if Apple were to do this, which I also doubt as much as you guys, they’d want to move it to USB C (or Thunderbolt for that matter) to make it even more like a Macbook alternative as I expect that we’ll see iPads with increased storage space to prepare us for the developer changes where MacOS and iOS apps are able to move from one OS to the other. For instance, if Logic Pro X can move onto the iPad it’ll take a whole bunch of storage space and much of the work will be needed on external drives and external hardware. It would make sense for the iPad to move more toward being more Maclike in terms of external devices vs. what we are seeing with the iPhone.

    Also, I believe if this were to happen, it would ONLY happen to the iPad Pro to further differentiate itself from the standard iPad as it would be used much more for professional types of solutions.

    Just my $2.50…

    – Steve

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