Enjoy an Ice Cream Flavor-Inspired iPhone Case

One lifestyle label has decided to take inspiration from popular ice cream flavors for its latest iPhone cases. Urban Sophistication is a clothing and accessory boutique. It “reinterprets everyday objects to offer a unique experience of the ordinary altogether creating a portrait of us”. The boutique’s latest product announcement consists of five new Puffer cases. Different ice cream flavors inspire each of the cases in the new “Flavors” drop. You can choose from Bubblegum, Frozen Sun, Green Tea, Peach Sorbet and Cotton Candy. Urban Sophistication first thought up the Puffer case after photoshopping a picture of a puffer jacket onto an iPhone case. The idea proved so popular that Urban Sophistication designed a new line of cases incorporating the puffiness of the jacket. Dua Lipa, Rosalia, Madelaine Petsch and J Balvin have helped popularize the Puffer cases. These cases fit all models of iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 Candy Catapult Case

I’ve been thinking about getting a 3D printer for quite some time, and now I may have the perfect excuse. While waiting for his iPhone 13 Pro Max to be delivered, Matty Benedetto designed and produced his own custom case. Benedetto, over the past two years, has “designed and fully prototyped over 280 new inventions that solve problems that don’t exist”. I think Benedetto has cited the problem of the boring phone case with this one, though. This case actually stores pieces of candy, which it dispenses through old-school pinball mechanics. If designing and crafting something like this isn’t a good enough excuse to buy a 3D printer, I don’t know what is.

A Quick Tips & Cool Stuff Found Bonanza! — Mac Geek Gab 893

You folks filled the mailbag this week with some of the best Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found your two favorite geeks have seen in a while. Listen as John and Dave share your tips (and theirs) about iOS 15 Focus, Safari 15 Tab Groups, Refunds on AppleCare+, Follow-up Siri Commands, document scanning, iPhone cases, portable speakers, and running your own DVR the easy way. And they even have some time left to answer your questions, too! You’ll have no trouble learning five new things this week. Press play and enjoy.