AirGuard Lets You Detect AirTags on Android Smartphones

Android owners, this one is for you. AirGuard lets you detect AirTags on Android so you won’t get secretly tracked like we’ve been hearing about in the news. You can download it from Google Play, F-Droid, or straight from the GitHub page linked below. From the page: “With AirGuard you get the anti-tracking protection you deserve! The app periodically scans your surroundings for potential tracking devices, like AirTags or other Find My devices. If a devices follows you, you will get a notification in less than an hour. With the app you can play a sound on AirTags and find it easily. Afterward, you can view at which locations the device has tracked you. If no one is trying to track you, the app will never bother you.

AirTag Zero Day Found That Could Steal Your iCloud Password

A security researcher found a zero-day bug with AirTag that could let an attacker potentially steal your Apple ID.

Apple’s “Lost Mode” allows a user to mark their Airtag as missing if they have misplaced it. This generates a unique page, which contains the Airtag’s serial number, and the phone number and personal message of the Airtag owner.

DIY Automation, CarPlay, RAID, and More! — Mac Geek Gab 882

Sometimes the easy way isn’t the fun way, and this week we’ve got lots of do-it-yourself solutions to share from all of you. Listen as John and Dave share your ideas about automation, launch agents, CarPlay, drive arrays and much more. Of course, it wouldn’t be MGG without your two favorite geeks sharing Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and their answers to all your other questions, would it? Listen, learn five new things, and don’t get caught!

Apple AirTag Protector Case: $14.95

We have a deal on the Apple AirTag Protector Case. Made of strong TPU and PC material, this case offers full protection of your AirTag. It’s lightweight and comes with its own carabiner for attaching it to other things. It’s $14.95 through our deal.