DirecTV Extends Free Apple TV 4K Deal to June 8

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Good news, procrastinators! If you’ve been planning on signing up for DirecTV NOW and taking advantage of the free Apple TV 4K offer, you have an extra week. The promotion was supposed to end, but DirecTV is extending it out to June 8th. You have to pre-pay for three months service, and you have to be a new subscriber. If that’s you, and you didn’t get around to signing up during the initial deal now you have a second chance to either take advantage of the offer or procrastinate a few more days.

DirecTV Extends Free Apple TV 4K Deal to June 8

TMO Background Mode Interview with Kelly Guimont and Jeff Gamet - Everything 4K/UHD TV

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In this very special edition of Background Mode, The Mac Observer’s Kelly Guimont and Jeff Gamet joined me to continue a previous discussion we’d been having about 4K/UHD television. It all started when I published an article, an adventure actually, about my project to get all my home video components working together to achieve 4K/UHD and Dolby Vision. One TMO Daily Observations podcast wasn’t enough to answer all the questions, and so we just kept on chatting, laughing and recording. Herein is most everything you need to know about setting up a 4K/UHD TV system with advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR), especially Dolby Vision.