Disney+ Alters Scene Between Greedo and Han Solo

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Disney+ has altered the shoot out scene between Greedo and Han Solo, making this the third alteration over the years.

You can see the footage isn’t as lightened as some previous editions. It does lean on the grainier look used in the 1977 reel, but it is longer overall. That is because an additional bit of dialogue was added to Greedo. Not only does the version make it more difficult to tell whether Greedo shot first, but it sees them shout something at Han Solo before being killed.

Disney+ Launches in U.S. And Canada

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Disney+ logo

Disney+ has launched in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands, giving subscribers access to a range of Disney-owned content.

Behind AT&T's Streaming Competitor HBO Max

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AT&T wants to take on the likes of Netflix, Disney, and Apple with its streaming service HBO Max.

By 2025, AT&T aims to reach about 80 million global subscribers, with about 50 million in the United States, a source briefed on the plans told Reuters. They are ambitious targets that would be consistent with Netflix Inc’s (NFLX.O) early progress, and in the mid-range of Disney+, Walt Disney Co’s (DIS.N) Netflix rival, set to launch on Nov. 12.

WarnerMedia hopes this service will get a boost in 2021 when it launches an advertising-supported option at a lower cost, insiders said.

Bob Iger Says Disney+ Lets You Keep Downloads Even After Removal

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Disney+ will let you keep downloaded content even if it has been removed from the platform, says Bob Iger.

But Iger said that while these deals would cause some of that content to leave the platform for “brief periods of time,” you’ll be able to download that content onto a device where it will remain so long as your Disney+ account is active. This would give Disney+ a leg up on other services with which it has licensing agreements to make any downloads of that series or film available to Disney+ subscribers.

Verizon Offers Free Year of Disney+

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Disney+ logo

Verizon is giving new and existing customers a free year of Disney+ which will launch on November 12 for $6.99/month.

Disney+ Has Put Apple TV+ in a Bind

· John Martellaro · Analysis

Disney+ won’t launch until November 12, but it’s already putting strategic pressure on Apple TV+. Apple has found itself in a bind.