Turn Your iPad into a Second Display for Your Mac with Luna Display

Luna Display was introduced as a Kickstarter a year ago, and now it’s available for everyone. The Luna Display is a dongle that connects to your Mac via USB-C or Mini DisplayPort and turns your iPad into a wireless second display. Since it’s a hardware linkup instead of software it uses your Mac’s own graphics acceleration for improved performance. I’ve been testing one with my MacBook Pro and iPad pro for a while it’s pretty impressive. Getting a dual display setup without having to carry any extra gear when I’m travelling is awesome. You can get Luna Display at the Luna website for US$79.99.

Yoink 3.5 Adds macOS Mojave Quick Action, Handoff Support

Yoink is a handy Mac tool for grouping together files you want to copy or move, and the just released version 3.5 update adds in new macOS Mojave support. The new update adds Handoff support between the Mac, iPhone, and iPad versions, adds Finder Quick Actions support, and is Dark Mode compliant, too. Yoink is priced at US$7.99, and the update is free for current users.

Manage Color Palettes on Your Mac with Swatch

Bit Lasso just released Swatch to make it easier to manage the color palettes on the Mac. The app lets you import colors from multiple sources, add colors with Apple’s Color Picker, and by entering color values. You can organize palettes, export colors and palettes, and more. Swatch lives in your menu bar for quick access. The app requires macOS High Sierra or Mojave and is available on Apple’s Mac App Store for US$9.99.