Jamf Now Adds Custom PKG and App Deployment

The iPhone, iPad, and Mac device management tool Jamf Now just gained two new features: package (.PKG) file deployment for the Mac, and custom iOS app deployment. That’ll be handy for companies needing to push apps that aren’t available through Apple’s own App Stores to devices. Jamf Now also lets you manage device serial numbers and OS versions, settings, and more. The service is free for up to three devices, and US$2 a month for additional devices.

PlugBug Duo Adds 2 USB Power Ports to Your MacBook Charger

Twelve South just expanded its PlugBug lineup with the new PlugBug Duo. It’s a replacement for the outlet plug on your MacBook and MacBook Pro MagSafe or USB C charger that includes two USB-A ports for powering up other devices like your iPhone and iPad. The USB ports offer 12 W for charging, and the PlugBug includes five adapters so you can use it in more than 150 countries. The PlugBug Duo is available on the Twelve South website for US$49.99.

Verizon's $2, Apple's Newest Football, Netflix's Rebellion - ACM 476

Verizon recently throttled a fire department’s command and control vehicle in a pursuit of $2, and Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet have some thoughts about the propriety of such an action. They also wonder whether rumors of a new iMac mean we can start trusting Apple to update its Macs again, or if Lucy will just yank the ball away instead. They cap the show with a look at Netflix’s baby steps towards rebellion against Apple’s App Store cut for subscriptions.

Intel Power Gadget Monitors Your Mac's Energy Usage

Traditional methods to estimate power/energy usage of the processor has always been a cumbersome task that included special purpose tools or instrumentation on the platform along with third party equipment. Intel Power Gadget is supported on Windows and macOS and includes an application, driver, and libraries to monitor and estimate real-time processor package power information in watts using the energy counters in the processor. In version 3.0 there are more features that include estimation of power on multi-socket systems as well as externally callable APIs to extract power information within sections of code.