Invest With a Conscience With Newday Impact Investing

I’ve long believed that you should choose companies you want to do business with that share the same values you do. Things like renewable energy, protecting the ocean, privacy, animal welfare, and others. When I got an email about the Newday Impact Investing app, I was genuinely delighted. It’s an investing app that lets you do just that; invest in companies with values. Every Newday Impact Portfolio is a custom-made, proprietary, and targeted investment strategy built to benefit a specific area of impact. The multi-portfolio approach allows them to provide a fully-diversified investment strategy while impacting the areas you care about directly. Portfolios include ocean health, gender equality, animal welfare, and climate action. On Newday’s website, you have to enter your phone number to get the app link, which seems sketchy and unnecessary. Use the direct App Store link instead. App Store: Newday – Free

Apple/Amazon Trillions, 5 Eyes Magic, iPhone Battery Replacement Reminder - ACM 478

Amazon was briefly the second company—after Apple—to be valued at US$1 trillion. Bryan Chaffin is joined by Jim Tanous to discuss what makes the two companies, and their valuations, different. They also examine the recent 5 Eyes statement attacking encryption, and then remind everyone to take advantage of Apple’s iPhone batter replacement program while they can.