Sharenting is When You Over Share Your Kid Online

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There’s a new phenomenon called sharenting. This is when parents share a large portion of their kids’ lives to the internet, usually without their consent.

Recently a parenting blogger wrote in a Washington Post essay that despite her 14-year-old daughter’s horror at discovering that her mother had shared years of highly personal stories and information about her online, she simply could not stop posting on her blog and social media. The writer claimed that promising her daughter that she would stop posting about her publicly on the internet “would mean shutting down a vital part of myself, which isn’t necessarily good for me or her.”

That was the most ridiculous part to read. Good grief, the world isn’t going to end because you can’t post about your kid anymore Karen. No one cares about them except you.

Instagram Fundraisers Want Your Credit Card Information

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Man holding a credit card

Instagram Fundraisers will let you easily donate to non-profit organizations on the platform. It’s also a way for Facebook to get its hands on your credit card information.

New code and imagery dug out of Instagram’s Android app reveals how the Fundraiser stickers will allow you to search for nonprofits and add a Donate button for them to your Instagram Story. After you’ve donated to something once, Instagram could offer instant checkout on stuff you want to buy using the same payment details.

Facebook tried to get banks to give up your data, but now it will have to settle for this instead.

In The Future You Could 'Clarify' Tweets (But Still Not Edit)

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Twitter logo

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the company is considering adding a feature that would let you explain tweets by adding new or additional context (via Mashable). [Touch Twitter’s Sparkle and Something Wonderful Will Happen] Clarification This sounds like Twitter is considering clarification instead of editing. So while you won’t be able to correct that typo,…

UK Health Secretary: Government Could Ban Social Media

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Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock warned social media firms the UK government would legislate, or even ban them, if they did not take action on harmful content following the death of 17-year-old Molly Russell.

Your Online Profile Consists of Three Layers

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Katarzyna Szymielewicz offers a good approach to how you think about your online profile: What you share, what your behavior tells them, and what the machine thinks of you.

Many decisions that affect your life are now dictated by the interpretation of your data profile rather than personal interactions. And it’s not just about advertising banners influencing the brand of the soap you buy—the same mechanics of profiling users and targeting messages apply to political campaigns and visa applications as much as supermarket metrics. When advertising looks like news and news look like entertainment, all types of content are profiled on the basis of your data.

This is a great article, and the most important layer to think about is the data you put online.

Facebook Moments is Shutting Down

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Facebook Moments is shutting down on February 25, because people weren’t using it. If you did though, here’s how to save your photos.

How to See Your Snapchat Year End Story

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It’s a roundup that will compile some of your best snaps into one long story you can share or keep to yourself. Here’s how to see it.

Tumblr Porn Being Banned Starting December 17

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A Tumblr porn ban will go into effect December 17. The new policy follows the recent child pornography incident the platform suffered.

Take Snapchat Halloween Selfies With Your Cat

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In Snapchat’s latest update, it added a feature called Cat Lenses. Now you and your cat can take selfies, such as Halloween selfies.

Facebook Brings Political Ad Shake-up to UK

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Facebook for Business

Facebook has announced a shake-up of how it handles political advertising in the UK, bringing rules from the US into other markets.