Comprehensive Guide to Mac Trackpad Gestures and Force Touch

Mac Trackpad Gestures

Page 5 – Gestures for Launchpad and Mission Control

To fire up the Launchpad, pinch your thumb and three fingers together. Spread them apart again, and you’ll go back to your normal desktop and windows.

Mac Trackpad Gestures - Launchpad
If you want to quickly activate Launchpad, pinch your thumb and three fingers together on the trackpad

How about some Mission Control love? You guessed it, there’s a Mac trackpad gesture for that. If you swipe all the way up on your trackpad with four fingers, and Mission Control will open. Swipe back down again with four fingers, and you’ll be back to normal.

Mac Trackpad Gestures - Mission Control
Swipe four fingers up from the bottom of the trackpad to activate Mission Control

Fun With Mac Trackpad Gestures

There you have it, the Mac trackpad gestures available on your Magic Trackpad 2 or MacBook with a Force Touch Trackpad. If you learn these and use them, you’ll become a Mac pro in no time, speeding along through your work or pleasure with ease. Want another one? Check out Mac Geek Gab’s tip on closing a Safari tab with a swipe.

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  • Yes, that’s true. Hence this statement:

    Speaking of which, this guide assumes you are running macOS Sierra on a MacBook or MacBook Pro with a Force Touch trackpad, or any Mac with a Magic Trackpad 2.

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