Here’s How to Stop Google from Tracking Your Location

Google stop tracking location

Google loves collecting as much data on our activities as it can, and that includes your location—even if you thought you disabled the “feature.” Here’s how to really stop Google from logging where you are.

  • Go to the Google Account webpage in your favorite Web browser
  • Click Manage your Google activity under Personal info & privacy
Manage your Google activity settings includes location tracking
You can control location tracking in Google’s activity settings
Google Activity Controls option
Activity Controls hides settings for controlling Google location tracking
  • Turn off Web & App Activity
  • Turn off Location History
Turn off Location History and Web & App Activity to stop Google location tracking
Turn off Location History and Web & App Activity

As Andrew Orr noted, turning off Location History isn’t enough to keep Google from tracking your location. You also have to turn off Web & App Activity because Google apps and services will otherwise log your location even with Location History turned off.

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The settings changes apply to all your devices logged in to your Google account. That means you don’t have to go to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to make adjust your settings.

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