iOS 11: How to Wake Up to Your Own Music

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A lot of folks don’t know that you can use music from within your own library for alarms in iOS, so you can, for example, wake up to the sounds of Mötley Crüe. (Let’s face it—I chose that band just because I wanted to use umlauts. I never get to use umlauts.) So if you would like to pick your own soothing alarm music, get started by tapping on the Clock app on your iPhone or iPad…

Clock App on iPhone lets you set custom alarm sounds

…then under the “Alarm” tab, touch “Edit.”

Edit Button in Clock App on iPhone

When you do so, you’ll see red minuses next to your alarms, with which you could delete one if you wanted to. Tap any alarm in the middle (away from the red minus) to set its music.

Edit Mode in Clock App on iPhone

To do that, you’ll touch “Sound” on the subsequent screen.

Sound Options in Clock App for alarms on iPhone

From there, you can of course select any existing ringtones (including the default iOS ones), but if you tap “Pick a song”…

…you’ll get access to your music library on the device, from which you can set a song to wake up to.

Select Music for Alarm on iPhone

And the next morning at 7 a.m., your slumber will be pleasantly interrupted by GWAR or Insane Clown Posse or Taylor Swift or whatever frightful thing you pick.

Sorry, Taylor.

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