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W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

Great tip, Melissa.

Another reason why I use VirusBarrier.


Also, I’ve said this before here: It’s a good security measure to set up “Folder Actions” on these folders to alert you to any changes. (There are articles on the interwebs to show you how.) Once set up, you will get a notification any time one of those folders is changed. You’ll also get some visibility into how applications use / update those plists. I found that VMWare Fusion installs 2 launchDaemons every time it launches, then deletes them upon quitting (that’s not the intended use of launchDaemons.. I complained to them.. they don’t care).

Lee Dronick

Thank you! I only found one item in there . What is that for and is it needed, I trust Google about as much as I trust Facebook and I don’t trust Zuck at all.

Lee Dronick

Thanks Valdo, I 86’d the plist