How to Unlock Tweetbot 5’s Extra Themes on the iPhone and iPad

Tweetbot 5 themes on iPhone and iPad

Tweetbot 5 for the iPhone and iPad is out, and it’s a free upgrade if you already had version 4. You can help support the app and unlock five more themes in the process. Read on to learn how.

To unlock the five extra themes in Tweetbot 5, do this:

  • Launch Tweetbot on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap user icon upper left corner
Tweetbot 5
Go to Settings in Tweetbot 5 to unlock more themes
  • Tap Settings icon lower left corner
  • Tap Support Tweetbot
  • Select a donation, or “tip,” amount

The donation options include a snack-sized tip for US$0.99, a coffee-sized tip for $2.99, and lunch-sized tip for $4.99.

Tweetbot 5 themes on iPhone and iPad
New themes in Tweetbot 5

To choose a different theme, tap Displays in Tweetbot’s settings, then scroll down to Theme. You can choose from Default, Night, Ocean, Pumpkin, Manhattan, Vintage, and Console. You can also swipe up or down on your timeline with two fingers to switch themes.

Supporting developers is important if you want to see new features and improvements in your favorite apps. The bonus here is that you get some more themes you can use in Tweetbot.

I made a “lunch-sized tip” and now I’m using the Ocean theme. I like it even better than Night.

Tweetbot 5 is available on Apple’s App Store for US$4.99.

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