4 Apple Watch Apps That Add watchOS Fitness Complications

Complications let you add more details to the Apple Watch clock face. Things like weather, moon phase, calendar, and more can be added. The marketing around Apple Watch is primarily around health, so we’ve rounded up some watchOS fitness complications.

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Nike+ Run Club

Screenshots of Nike+ Running Club, which adds watchOS fitness complications.Nike Run Club gives you everything you need to run better and more often-including GPS tracking of your run, audio guided running workouts, weekly and monthly distance challenges to keep you motivated, customized coaching plans that fit your goals and adapt to your progress, and nonstop motivation from your friends. App Store: Nike+ Run Club – Free


Screenshots of Activity++, which adds watchOS fitness complications. Activity++ is designed to help you make sense of all the health and fitness data being collected by your Apple Watch…and motivate you to be even more active. App Store: Activity++ – US$2.99


Screenshots of Lifesum, which has watchOS fitness complications.

Your personal diet plan, food tracker, calorie counter & healthy recipes, all in one place. Reach your goals with Lifesum.┬áDiscover how tracking small habits can make a big difference & join millions on their journey to a healthier, happier you. App Store: Lifesum – Free

Today Habit Tracker

Screenshots of Today Habit Tracker, which has watchOS fitness complications.

Today is a habit tracker, allowing you to create a custom dashboard for each of your habits, combining data from an expanding variety of cards, integrating various types of information. App Store: Today Habit Tracker – Free

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