WhatsApp: How to Enable Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp settings for two-step verification

WhatsApp may give you end-to-end encryption for your conversations, but it’s stunningly simple to log into your account. Two-step verification will make your account more secure, and it’s easy to set up. Read on to learn how.

To enable Two-step verification for your WhatsApp account do this:

  • Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or other smartphone
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Account
  • Select Two-Step Verification
  • Tap Enable
WhatsApp settings for two-step verification
WhatsApp lets you require a PIN code to access your account when logging in from a new device
  • Enter a six-digit code to use as your verification PIN
  • Enter an email address for resetting your PIN if you forget the number
  • Tap Done
Setting your WhatsApp six-digit PIN code
Make up your won six-digit PIN code to block people from logging in to your WhatsApp account

The next time you log into your WhatsApp account you’ll need to provide the PIN to get to your chats. Keep your six-digit code in a safe place, like your password management app, so you don’t forget it.

Too bad WhatsApp doesn’t also let you set a password to keep people from reading your conversations if they get ahold of your phone.

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