watchOS 2 Available with Native Apple Watch App Support

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Apple released watchOS 2.0 for the Apple Watch on Monday following an unexpected delay that prevented its rollout along side iOS 9 last week. The update improves overall watch performance, and adds support for native third-party apps.

Apple releases watchOS 2.0Apple releases watchOS 2.0

watchOS 2.0 also adds support for remotely wiping your Apple Watch if it's lost or stolen, improves Siri's capabilities, and adds new watch faces along with third-party watch face complications.

Apple didn't release watchOS 2.0 on Wednesday like it originally planned thanks to a bug the company felt was significant enough to warrant a delay. The company didn't say what the problem was, but it most likely stemmed from a FairPlay copy protection issue developer James Thomson discovered that could prevent native Apple Watch apps from running.

watchOS 2.0 is free, and is compatible with all Apple Watch models. To install the update, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then go to General > Software Update.

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John McLay

Hmm, no 2.0 update love for me. My iPhone 6+ watch app checks for the update, then tells me I have the current version 1.1… :(



Check now.

John McLay

Yup, still no love. Shows 1.0.1 as current. I think the problem may be that I’m running the beta iOS 9.1 on my phone. I’ll look into downgrading to 9.0 if this isn’t fixed by tomorrow. I’ve really been looking forward to watch OS 2.0

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