Samsung Thinks Galaxy S9 Is at Least Better than iPhone 6

Check it out. Samsung is positioning its two-month old flagship Galaxy S9 against an iPhone. And when I say “iPhone,” I mean iPhone 6 [via MacRumors]. The ad appears to be a pitch to owners of old iPhones, but it feels more like a Freudian slip to me. “This,” Samsung appears to believe, “is all we can do.” Even if the psychology behind the ad isn’t as twisted and warped as my Samsung-loathing mind wants it to be, comparing a brand new flagship device to a three-and-a-half year old competitor is terrible, awful, absurd positioning. Perhaps that’s part of why iPhone 7 is still selling as well as the Galaxy S9, let alone the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, all of which handily outsell the Samsung device. Anyhoo, you can watch it and judge for yourself.

Check It Out: Samsung Thinks Galaxy S9 Is at Least Better than iPhone 6

4 thoughts on “Samsung Thinks Galaxy S9 Is at Least Better than iPhone 6

  • Of course you can’t even RUN iOS 11 on any iPhone 5 or 4th gen iPad so right there you leave the Apple store and save a few hundred dollars on a phone like Samsungs’s that don’t screw you with battery mismanagement problems and gives you the OS 75% of the world uses.

  • I’m long over laughing at Apple’s obsession with stupid mobile toys – because they’ve made me a couple dollars since I bought AAPL at $25. But I must say – so has Samsung made me a nickel. Despite the “spins” on this site which feel like inferiority based nit picking – Samsung always sells more phones than Apple – always – usually almost double the units, and the Android OS just keeps pulling away from iOS- lately at 75% of the mobile OS mkt. I’m not crying for either Apple nor Samsung; and Apple will no doubt continue to be a customer of Samsung especially when Samsung finishes up the solid state battery tech they are about to drop. I wish the subject was computers and not mobile devices – it’s sad how mobile hi-jacked the computing aspect of Apple – for example, when is the last time this site Mac Ob, Ob’d a Mac? or ever talked trash about a competitor’s computer and put a spin on a Mac tower or desktop? Anyway – it’s all part of the soup I suppose. 🎹🎸

  • Not to mention, she could have gotten a new battery for little cost from Apple. It would still be a 3+ year old phone but it wouldn’t slow down intentionally to prevent crashes. Logic loses out here.

  • Well, I’m convinced, Bryan. I’m definitely upgrading my iPhone 6s Plus to a….Samsung…Galaxy…ah yes, S9. Yep. Oh wait, I already upgraded it to an iPhone X. Bugger!

    So here’s a question.

    A girl with an old iPhone that is running slower apparently due to battery management protocols – which she can now disable, by the way with iOS 11.3.1, but let’s not digress and ruin the Samsung plot line – walks into an Apple Store, is given her options, including upgrading, but choses instead to walk back out into the rain, at night, and then later upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy. S9. Days later.

    If she was so compromised by her phone (security check point in the airport, losing her Uber to someone else at night in the rain and now reduced to tears) and now had decided to upgrade, why not simply upgrade whilst still in the Apple Store, where she had access to a bevvy of choices?

    I’m calling impaired reasoning skills and probably poor judgement on this one. Clinically, I’ve seen this patient before (that patient who keeps making the same bad choices and hoping for a new outcome, or goes on to make even worse ones and believes that life is out to get them. Yeah, that one).

    A guy pushes his dead car into a dealership repair shop. He tells the mechanic that this car is imperilling his safety by going to slow and dying out. Mechanic says, ‘I can get it running, but it’ll still be slow and die if you try to do the speed limit. Or you can do a trade in and we’ll get you into a new car tonight!’ The guy pushes his dead car out into a rainy cold night and goes….home? Then, days later, he buys a new car from a different dealership.

    Yep. Makes perfect sense.

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